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President's Report 2011-2012

Another busy year has past with some wonderful results within our club,
congratulations to all those bowlers who have achieved Club, Centre, National honours.
These achievements are not possible without true dedication and commitment to bowls.

My position as President has been made easier thanks to a hard working and dedicated committee.
A special thanks goes to those who are retiring from committee this year for all their hard work
towards the club. Those being Marie Turner, Sue Brock, Michael Graham and Don Seacombe. Last but not least our hard working Club Captain, Craig Ennor. These shoes will be hard to fill but knowing the club as I do someone will hold their hand up and carry on the tradition.

I must mention how pleasing it is to see the attendance at our roll up days. To see 9 or
10 rinks every week with bowlers having fun, to my mind, is a very important aspect of our club promoting goodwill and friendship as well as improving ones bowls.

With the financial crisis the Mother Club endured our Bowling club had to take on grooming our bowling enclosure. This was achieved by a willing band of bowlers who have my sincere thanks.

I would like to also thank our match committee and umpires who give up their weekends for the club. To John McLaughlin thank you for the newsletter and for spending hour upon hour compiling it. We all know it is a good read. Thanks John.

A special mention to the fun day we had with a group of bowlers from the Jersey Islands . Those who participated had a most enjoyable afternoon both with bowls and the entertainment they provided in the club rooms afterwards.

Further promotion of such events will be looked at next year.

Special mention must go to our Junior bowlers, the club’s future lies in their hands. This year they have achieved great heights in competitions - well done to all involved. We are also blessed with a very hearty coaching staff, my thanks go to all those involved.

In closing acknowledgement also goes to our summer and winter tournaments, gala and all other
tournaments we hold through out the year. These tournaments do not run by themselves so special thanks to those club members who organised and ran them.

Good bowling next year, may you all have many "touchers''

Your President
Peter Townrow

President’s Report 2011

I can’t believe a year has gone by as President of this wonderful Bowls Club.  A year of glory and sorrow.  I will dwell on the glory only. 

Congratulations must go to Angela Boyd for National Honours and Tessa Hocking and Malia Begley both National Schoolgirls champions.  We are very fortunate to have a very healthy line up of junior (as in age) bowlers. 

Our membership is growing at a great pace.  This is also good to see. 

I must mention that my tenure as President has been enjoyable mostly because of the first rate team I have had to work with.  Your Committee is a very hard working and willing team.  This makes my job so much easier.  My sincere thanks go out to them,  also thanks must go to those outside the committee who help throughout the year.  Special mention to Bruce Mitchell and Fay Johnson for their input to Bowls Taradale. 

I am standing again and if elected am looking forward to another year as President.  Good bowling to you all over the next twelve months. 


Peter Townrow


Acting Presidents Report 2009/10
(Craig Ennor)

It is my pleasure to submit my report on a somewhat difficult and disrupted year - one which I feel we have come through in a very prosperous and positive manner.

Much of this success can be attributed to some very sound governance from your outgoing committee, both in fiscal and practical leadership and I thank them sincerely. The manner in which the debenture repayment was completed deserves particular mention and I congratulate our Treasurer and his team for the professional way in which this was handled. The prompt reimbursement to all debenture holders was a credit and gives testimony to excellent management.

As always, it is sad to accept the reality that the completion of another year brings the reminder that we are all getting older, which brings the inevitable loss of some of our members. In saying this we remember Danny Millar, Lillian Baird and Sylvia Rowe. On a positive note I congratulate our many bowlers who have excelled at all levels, from club, to centre, to national, capped of course with the selection of Mandy for the N.Z. squad for the Commonwealth Games.

I would also like to sincerely thank the many, many club members, who give so untiringly of their help and time. There are so many and it is too dangerous to start naming them, as I know I would fall into the trap of missing someone out. Please accept this as my personal thanks for your untiring help. However it cannot pass without mention and special thanks to our secretary, Irene Millar, who is standing down from office. Irene has on more than one occasion stepped into the breach and her efforts have helped us through some awkward times. Thank you Irene.

On a less positive note, it still disappoints me that we have to rely on the same hard core of helpers to carry out the many tasks that are required to run an efficient and healthy club, and regardless of what gets done, there are the ever present “fault finders”, who manage to seek out the negatives.. If we were manufacturing brickbats we would be the top producer in the country. If we were handing out bouquets we wouldn’t need a very big garden. I get very disappointed at the response when we are looking for help - “I’ve been there, done that” - as if it is justification for not needing to do it again. We are always in need of help and the wider we can spread the workload the less often we have to do it. Remember, it is your club and the more you do to help the better it will function.

We need to remember that we are going to be looking at ongoing expenses, and the increasing demand on the ever decreasing discretionary dollar will necessitate continuing careful management to ensure we are keeping our heads above water. I strongly suggest we need to be looking “outside the square” at different opportunities for fundraising and I know your incoming committee will be exploring many different options. I wish them well and thank you all for your support.


Addendum added and presented verbally at the A.G.M.

I also wish to add to my report the recommendation to the Club that some of the work that Wilma Ennor has contributed be recognised.. Wilma has been our “official” coach for a number of years now and as everyone knows has specialised in her work with new bowlers, particularly secondary schoolchildren. I feel it needs to be recorded that this year Wilma’s work has been recognised by Bowls Hawkes Bay by awarding her the title of “Volunteer of the Year” and also have put forward to Bowls New Zealand a nomination for “Coach of the Year”.

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PRESIDENTS REPORT 2008-2009 (Dave Kaye)

I have much pleasure in presenting the report for the 2008-2009 season. On behalf of all members I offer condolences to family and friends of those members who have passed away this year. Maureen Pederson, Bunny Heslin, Brian Goffin. We miss you all. A number of our members have been ill during the year, some are back on the greens but there are some who have not recovered sufficiently to enable them to start playing again but we wish them a speedy recovery and hope to see them back soon.

This season has seen the replacement of “B” green in September and thanks to the small committee that used to meet at the Club on a Wednesday morning for many weeks discussing the ways and means of raising money for this project. Thank you to the members who took out debentures to raise the final amount to see the replacement come to fruition. It is great to have two first class greens to play on.

In November the Taradale Club with assistance from the Bowls adjunct hosted the North Island Chartered Clubs Ladies outdoor bowls tournament. This was a big Tournament using ten greens and all Napier Clubs for this. Thanks to all members for making this a great success.

Again this year we had twilight tournaments on a Wednesday evening with about 24 teams taking part each week. This was run before Xmas and another session after Xmas. Thanks to all who assisted in organising these. Mates in Bowls (M.I.B.) was again a successful event and thank you to those who gave up their evenings to organise and oversee this.

Bowls Taradale are proud of the success of their members who performed excellently in Centre and Regional events this season. They were:
N.Z. Secondary Schools Singles Girls Mandy Boyd
Bowls H.B. Open Singles Women Mandy Boyd
Bowls H.B Open Junior Singles Women Angela Boyd
Bowls H.B. Ch of Ch Womens Pairs Angela and Mandy Boyd
Regional Kittyhawk Mandy Boyd
Moira Smyth Pairs Women Angela and Mandy Boyd
Bowls H.B. Mens Open Singles Jack Halka
Bowls H.B. Ch of Ch Singles Men Murray Glassey

Bowls H.B. District Shield. The Team was;
4s - Paul Selby Phil Young John Hanlen Ross Hamilton
Triples - Ernie Friedlander, Jack Philip Bryan Gilbertson
Pairs - Berry Hanlen, Frank Grantham
Singles - Murray Glassey

Inter club 7s Won H.B. Section, they won Regional Final which they went through undefeated and Played in the National Finals. The 7s Team was 4s Paul Selby, Phil Young, John Hanlen, Ross Hamilton, pairs Barry Hanlen, Frank Grantham.  Singles - Murray Glassey, Jack Philip replaced Ross Hamilton for the finals who was not available.

The Club also Won division 2 and 3 of the Interclub Pennants.

Congratulations to Mandy Boyd who was selected for the new Zealand under 25 team and has also been selected for the Talent development squad. Angela Boyd has also bee selected for this squad.

Match Committee: Bruce Mitchell and Val Ives have had a Difficult struggle to get the championships finished this year. Although they managed this we missed out on having teams in Champion of Champions Junior Women and Womens Fours..

Wilma Ennor has been appointed Region Three and Bowls Hawkes Bay Youth Bowls Coordinator and she is doing a great job with the Secondary schools bowls. Wilma has organised an Inter Secondary Schools Competition for the first and fourth terms of the school year.

We owe our works volunteers a great big thanks. The many hours spent maintaining the complex and preparing and marking of greens for tournaments and Club championships.

Once again John McLaughlin has produced a weekly newsletter on the website which keeps members up to date on results and happenings around the club such as golden wedding anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

I wish to sincerely thank all members of the committee for their work and support over the past twelve months. There have been 10 committee meetings this year. Attendance at these meetings is as follows: D.Kaye 10. D.Jenkins 7, D.Girven 10, B.Mason 8,F.Johnson 10 P.Evans 7 L Baird 9. R.Falvey 8. B.Bitchell 10. V.Ives.7. W.Ennor 2.

Thank you to Julie Haslett who takes all the entries for the tournaments and to Fay Johnson for looking after the raffles.

This past year owing to the Mother Club situation, has seen the Bowls Club and other Adjuncts having to pay their way for refreshments and food at opening day Christmas Ham and Closing Day .

I wish you all well for the coming season and many more seasons to come.

Dave Kaye

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President's Report for 2007-2008 (Wilma Ennor)

This has not been an easy year for Bowls Taradale. We lost a great supporter/promoter of Bowls, David Thorne, General Manager of Taradale Club.  We also remember George Stokoe, and John Lawrence. We tried to raise funding to replace “B” Green, but that was out of our financial reach. With the additional costing required, and the possibility that we could expose those members prepared to help with debentures, to a possible financial risk, it was in hindsight, a very good thing that we, as your committee, realised that if we could synchronise the replacements of both greens on an equal timespan (i.e. six years between relaying of each green), this would be better/easier for fundraising and therefore a better option for any incoming committee group. 

We were unlucky to begin our new year with our Secretary Irene Millar having to resign from the position because of ill health. It is great to know that treatment has worked well and we look forward to seeing her along with other members who have not been so well back on the greens soon. Thankyou Sheryl Glock for stepping in to help the committee run smoothly. 

We have had many very exciting moments –

·          We were awarded the ultimate accolade for a N.Z. Bowls Club – “Club of the Year”. These awards only come after a great deal of hard work from a very few “hard core” workers. These people do not need to be named (as members you should be able to name them all) – they are the people whom you see around our environs helping new bowlers, teaching students, umpiring, preparing the greens, implementing and organising the new initiatives (e.g. MIB – see below) to keep our Club alive. There are others like the Club Captain, the Match committee, the Selectors, the people who do the Club day draws and tournaments, the people who help the groundsman, the gardening team, the ladies on hand for morning teas etc. – the people who work in the background (take our Webmaster for instance) – the sponsorship team, those who fundraise and/or organise all of the raffles - these people help the many bowlers who just play bowls and  who take this all for granted. If you can not identify them maybe you could come and help promote the club to which YOU belong.

·          We were a finalist in the “Sport Hawkes Bay Club of the Year – Club Operation” category in March. We were up against much larger clubs than ours and, more to the point, clubs who employ people to organise, gain sponsorship and recruit new members etc. I am extremely proud of our volunteers who give so much of their time in many ways.

·          We were very fortunate to get a generous donation from the Infinity Foundation to purchase 8 sets of coloured bowls to use for student and general coaching. The construction and donation of shelving for the coaching shed from Tamatea High School was very much appreciated. This would not have happened had we not had such a skilled group of members prepared to give their time (and often more than just once in a week!) to helping the physical education programmes and membership initiatives such as Mates in Bowls. These Instructors are genuinely trying to ensure that our sport will grow and our club prosper. As they are often the first to assist a “new chum” they are the lynchpin and the first important contact for these prospective members. I am truly grateful to them all – they have made my job easier, particularly with John Hanlen being unavailable through ill health.

·          We have promoted a Bowls New Zealand Social Summer League programme. As a sport we are literally a “dying breed”. Some members unfortunately, appear to disapprove of us allowing students/youths to participate fully in our chosen sport. Maybe their clothing is different to our expectations – maybe they speak in a language foreign to our ears – maybe their dress sense offends, BUT if they are here because they want to learn and play the sport we love so much, should we not support them, help them and consider them in our planning? They are our sport’s future. Our most recent prospective member is aged 10 and would give many of us a “run for our money”!

·          Congratulations to all of our members who have won our Club and District championships – to all of our members who have represented and brought honour to our club in Bowls Hawke’s Bay fixtures – and to all members who participated in our tournaments and championships but who may not have won. Without you we would have no competitions at all.

·          I wish to thank sincerely all members of the committee for their hard work and loyal support. I encourage all members to consider putting a few years of service into the club they belong to. “THINGS DO NOT JUST HAPPEN”. I have made the decision to stand down from the committee this year. I joined bowls (a new sport for me) in September 1999 and at the 2000 AGM took on the position of secretary because no one else would. I have spent 7 years as your Secretary, 1 year as Vice President and 1 year as President. Please think carefully and appoint people who have the energy, foresight and integrity to continue to promote this great club. We were not awarded “Bowls New Zealand 2007 Club of the Year” for nothing.

·          There have been (at time of writing – 31.03.08), 10 committee meetings so far this year with attendance as follows :Wilma Ennor ( ),  Joyce Budge ( ),

        Bob Mason ( ), Fay Johnson ( ), Val Ives ( ), Bruce Mitchell ( ), Paul Selby ( )

        Sheryl Glock ( ) “ last ? meetings”.

·          I wish you well for the coming season and your future bowling years. 

Wilma Ennor


Both Craig and I apologise for our absence on Closing Day but as many of you know we had an invitation we could NOT refuse – free accommodation in Spain!

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President's Report for 2006-2007 (Joyce Budge)

With pleasure I present the last report of my term as your President. The past three years have seen a steady growth in members; an extensive building project; a comprehensive maintenance programme; a spirit of goodwill and pride in our facility with recommendation from other bowling communities. This has come about through effort from you all, but particularly from those asked to undertake specific tasks. To hear laughter and good natured ribbing (not to mention actual bowls played) is reward enough I am sure.

 To those who daily "climb a hill" to function and continue to play a major role on the greens, we wish you well and admire your tenacity - the greens are well used.

As is the norm, club roll-ups are well patronised. A Green continues to be the green of choice for the majority, but B Green with the odd added challenge is still running very well. If you consider the foibles of other HB greens, both grass and synthetic, there is little to complain about. No date is as yet set for replacement.

Club Championships were run with little inconvenience and the standard of bowls in all disciplines and at each level was very good - some very close fought games. Bruce Mitchell as Match Committee Convenor ran a "tight ship" and appeared to control the weather as well! Thank you Bruce - a man of many parts.

1st Year and Junior bowlers from both ours and other clubs have caused us to sit up and take note of the standard of play. This surely has to do not only with practice, but the time Senior players and Coaches are putting in to this resource. We have hosted several Centre events this year and are complimented on amenities - special thanks to Marie Sherning and Doreen Elton for catering and giving of their time.

Teams and individuals have once more equipped themselves well and "done us proud" in both COC, HB, National and other specific events. Umpires continue to give freely of their time and gradually players are coming to grips with rule changes. Several new markers have been "whetted" this season - the criteria being concentration and knowing the rules (thank you for giving your time) - another aspect of the game and a learning opportunity.

Many thanks to John Hanlen for time put into coaching sessions up until indifferent health necessitated a change of lifestyle. It is grand to see him back on the greens. Doug White stepped in to fill this gap so that sessions continued. We may take coaching as a "given" and for granted but time is given voluntarily to help you.

Women's COC Triples Winners; Sue Brock, Wilma Ennor, Linda Boyd
Women's COC Singles R/Up; Wilma Ennor
Men's COC Fours Winners; Bruce Mitchell, Phil Young, Ray Falvey, Brian Annear
Men's COC Senior Pairs Winners; Bryan Gilbertson, John Ward
Men's COC Junior Pairs R/Up; Barry Hanlen, John McLaughlin
Men's COC Colts Singles R/Up; Russell Turner
Men's COC Senior Singles R/Up; Murray Glassey
Men's COC Junior singles Winner; John McLaughlin
HB Open 2 Bowl Triples winners; Paul Selby, Jon O'Shea, Murray Glassey
HB Open Men's pairs: John Hanlen, Jon O'Shea
HB Men's Singles R/Up; Jon O'Shea
HB Women's junior Singles R/Up; Lois Hook
HB 1st Year Singles R/Up; Mandy Boyd
National Schools Competition R/Up; Mandy Boyd
NZ Under 21 Pairs R/Up; Mandy Boyd
NZCT 5th placing; Paul Selby, Jon O'Shea, Murray Glassey
Men's Interclub 7's and 5's R/Up Triples
Junior 5's R/Up; (Triples) Noeline Gardiner, Bill Ripley, Dave Roberts - (Pairs) Mandy Boyd, John McLaughlin
Women's Pennants Winners Section 2; Maureen Pedersen, Wilma Ennor, Karen Grainger
East Coast Chartered Clubs Winners; Phil Young, Bryan Gilbertson, Gerald Taylor, John Ward
East Coast Chartered Clubs R/Up; Jack Halka, David Thorne, Graeme Pedersen, John Speakman
Gardner Shield Winners; Bryan Gilbertson, Neville Hoare, Peter Townrow, Dave Kaye, Clark Nicol,
                                        Ray Falvey, John Speakman, John Calnan, John McLaughlin
Men's Interclub 7's and 5's R/Up; Jim Fitzsimons, Murray Glassey, Jon O'Shea, Paul Selby, Phil Young, John McLaughlin, Frank Grantham

The Earthquake Tournament was again very successful and patrons appreciated the broader prize format. Graham Barrie added to his already generous sponsorship by taking $500 off Commision payable on property sale if dealing with his firm.

President's Charity day, sponsored by Falcon Electrical and Venables Willis again raised $1000 - very pleasing. We combined with Havelock North's annual Ozanam House Charity Tournament - the monies raised going towards the purchase of another vehicle for transporting patients from their accommodation to treatment facility.

Fay Johnson has worked miracles with raffles this year - a major part of our income - thank you. Members contributed to prizes generously when asked. Lilian Baird took on the mantle of entries and has done a grand job - a task fraught with variables and sometimes very little in the way of kudos. Thank you Lilian for sticking at it.

Grace Williams and Dave Kaye took on the unenviable role of selector with Bruce Mitchell and Marie Sherning available to act as a "sounding board" if necessary. If you have a winning team, all is well with the selection - if not it isn't right - all rather precious at times. Well done Grace and David! A game of bowls is a "game of bowls on the day".

Peter Thomson organised the Gardner shield this season and we are delighted that we won the zone competition. At the time of writing I have been unable to unearth any history about this competition.

The Club Captain has continued to pursue his role diligently and has also spent a good deal of time on maintenance of the greens helping groundsman Alan Boardman. Craig has always made sure there was support for our representative players and jollied them along. A job well done Craig - many thanks.

Bowlers both local and national continue to enjoy the informative website maintained by John McLaughlin - a proactive enterprise and another example of time given voluntarily for the good of the club and sport.

School Bowls, under the leadership and organisation of Wilma continue to thrive. There are 68 participants in this current group. We are fortunate to have someone with Wilma's commitment to youth and teaching skills interested in this field which is promoted nationally by Bowls NZ and their source of revenue SPARC. Of course this activity would not be possible without those club members who have given many hours to oversee and coach these young people. This activity is also a source of revenue for the club.

A mere "thank you" seems inadequate when recognizing our Works Convenor and his band of helpers. Kevin Hook et al have worked tirelessly to maintain the complex and prepare greens for play. On September 9th the new Administration Block was officially opened by Colin McRae, President of Taradale Club Inc. WHAT A JOY! - the result of consultation and combined effort by the Bowls Adjunct and Mother Club. The adjunct's monetary contribution was over $13,000. Up until two or three years ago we could not have envisaged having that amount of money available - the "canvas" depicts good stewardship, commitment, club spirit, willingness and an end goal.  A smaller shed has also been purchased to house coaching bowls and umbrellas. A cleaner's cupboard in the locker room relieves lockers for bowlers. There is still some work to be done in relation to the Administration area eg. an awning or sails for shelter. I would like to see some landscaping around perimeter fences, but all in good time.

The Taradale Club Emirates Sponsored Tournament held over the weekend of 5th and 6th May was again a huge success. Many thanks to all Bowls Adjunct volunteers - you all played a major role in the smooth running of this event and positive feedback augers well for future tournaments. The Bowls Adjunct was pleased to sponsor the prizes for the runners-up in Section 1.

There have been 11 committee meetings with attendance as follows; Joyce Budge 10, Wilma Ennor 11, Irene Millar 11, Bill Ripley 10, Bruce Mitchell 10, John Calnan 10,  Fay Johnson 11, Paula Evans 9. I thank all members for their contribution and support.

Bill Ripley is not standing for the coming season. He has carried out his role as Treasurer in a professional manner and his stewardship complimentary. Relax and enjoy your bowls with our thanks.

Paula Evans also relinquishes her seat this coming year. She has been a discerning voice on committee and although she may feel she had no major role to play I can assure her that her input has been worthwhile and appreciated.

John Calnan has represented Works on committee for the past two years. He has "hammered and nailed", "measured and sawn", "queried and quoted" with much foresight. You have served your club well, John. Thank you for your service - enjoy your bowls next season.

Irene Millar will continue as Secretary, the pivotal role in any committee - not always easy, but necessary - well done, Irene.

Finally, I would thank you all for the courtesy and support you have always given me. I hope I listened, heard, saw and actioned when and if applicable. Best wishes to you all and the incoming committee for the 2006-2007 season.

Joyce Budge

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President's Report for  2005-2006 (Joyce Budge).

On behalf of all members I offer condolences to family and friends of those who passed away this year – Elaine Holland, Gordon Williams and past member Keith Boardman. We remember them kindly. We give thanks for those who have endured ill health and aggressive treatment and are now back on the greens. To those who still suffer indifferent health, we send best wishes and hope you are stronger each day.

Club roll-ups continue to be well supported. Tuesday appears to have become an unofficial third Club day – it is great to see the level of enthusiasm among members and hear the banter of friendly rivalry. The complex is being well used. We celebrate a successful and productive year with only a modicum of disruption to our programme, that did however, cause some concern. We sailed “pretty close to the wind” in regard to the Men’s Championships and Centre Champ. of Champs, but found a “berth” in time (the weather was kind).

Club Championships were played in a good spirit, none the less with determination. The environs, during play, were a credit to the grounds-people and invited good play and sportsmanship. It was a pleasure to both watch and/or play in. Good/very good bowling was the norm and new bowlers equipped themselves well, with and against more experienced players.

Bowls Taradale can be duly proud of their members who represented the club in centre, intercentre, regional and zone events. This has certainly been “our year” to make a mark and long may it continue. Practice, club spirit, support and perceptive selection will have all added to the outcome. Well done to all who competed at all levels this year – You did yourselves and the club proud.


Super Bowls:                             Jon O’Shea

H.B. Tong Cup (Jnr. Pairs):       R/U, Bob Gray and Cheryl Humphrey

H.B. Open Singles:                    Paul (Kumera) Selby

H.B. Women’s Junior Singles:    R/U Barbara O’Brien

H.B. Men’s Junior Pairs:           Jack Philip & Barry Hanlen

H.B. Interclub 7’s:                     Paul Selby, Jim Fitzsimons, John Hanlen, John McLaughlin,

                                                Murray Glassey, Barry Hanlen,

                                                Jon O’Shea

H.B.District Shield:                    Paul Selby, Phil. Young, Jack Philip, John McLaughlin

                                                Bruce Mitchell, Ross Hamilton, John Ward

                                                Jon O’Shea, Jim Fitzsimons

                                                Murray Glassey

I thank Umpires who give of their time freely – markers when applicable and the ladies who prepare morning tea.

The inaugural Earthquake tournament most generously sponsored by Graham Barrie and Tremains Real Estate brought two full greens. Next year, prizes will be more evenly spread – however we and Tremains were well pleased with the day. We shall continue to have non-composite teams as this tournament is special to Bowls Taradale members. Well done Wilma in negotiating such great sponsorship.

Running President’s Day as a Charity Tournament went well with an extremely pleasing result. This successful day was sponsored by Falcon Electrical and Venables Willis. With the monies made from a great raffle assortment and an anonymous donation we were able to present Cranford Hospice with a cheque for $1000. This was a truly heart-warming exercise and we look forward to continuing support for this tournament.

The Astrograss Mixed Triples Tournament played last July was the last under that format. Astrograss do not wish to continue this event as a National Tournament. They will be holding Invitation Tournaments at venues selected by them. We have applied for consideration re hosting such an event. There will no longer be a Superbowls event. The Bowls N.Z. board are considering a suggestion from Dorchester Finance to investigate the introduction of a National Mixed Pair event.

For the first time Bowls Taradale was invited to send two teams to the East Coast Chartered Clubs’ Tournament being held in Gisborne. The response to this was disappointing considering there has been so much discussion over past years re non-inclusion in this event. This is not a Taradale Club sponsored event. The team that did go, equipped themselves well with 2nd. placing in Division A. The team was: Ross Hamilton, skip- Peter Fletcher,3- Danny Millar,2- and Clark Nicol, lead.

John Hanlen, our official coach continues to give freely of his time – we are most fortunate to have him on board. During the year he supervises Thursday and Saturday coaching sessions. This year he has overseen 13 club members gain their coaching instructor’s certificate. They will be rostered to take groups at these sessions, helping with the ever increasing numbers.

The school’s programme is gradually becoming more streamlined and structured. We have purchased the Bowls N.Z. video/DVD and Manuals on coaching procedure. This/these are available from Wilma for all club members to peruse: (if damaged when on loan they will need to be replaced). Nicole Roberts won the Schoolgirl Singles “Ennor Trophy” this year with Katherine Matthews runner/up. Several of our young people qualified for the “regional play-offs” due to be held in Term 3 of this year – Katherine & Nicole in pairs, Alex Best & Abby Kilmartin (from Tamatea High) in pairs, Jason Darlington & Rachael London in Singles.

Selectors Val Ives and Dave Kaye did a sterling job. Marie Sherning and Bruce Mitchell added their weight as “sounding boards”. This is an unenviable task – broad shoulders are a pre-requisite!!

The “Give it a Go Bowls” this year was a 1st & 2nd year bowler exercise – they found 2 new chums. Although run a little too late in the season and the weather was not conducive, the evenings when play was possible were fun for all. Thanks to the BBQ crews and club personnel who came to help on the greens. We have 5 new members from this exercise along with 3 others who came to the Taradale Club Open Days.

Friday 1/2 day tournaments continue to be popular, especially during the winter season. Julie does a great job, diffusing and cajoling! The current ‘book’ is full with a number on standby.

We hosted three social groups celebrating a “Go at Bowls” evening. Tikokino School Party of Staff and partners and Tremains inter-office Sports Challenge had an hour or so coming to grips with the game and then went on to enjoy a meal at the Club. The Taradale Club Pool adjunct also had a fun afternoon with us. Each participant pays a $3.00 green fee. Two or three club members supervise these groups depending on size (we provide bowls and some instruction). The idea is to offer a package – fun on the green with a meal to follow.

As expected, Terry and Julie did a grand job with special raffles. We were most appreciative of the hand-knitted jersey to raffle. Wanda Guatieri supplied and spun the fleece and Doreen Elton hand-knitted the garment. Thank you both!

Our Club Captain continues to keep us and things moving along. He has attended to his role proficiently, in good heart and with prime “hosting” skills. He has been supportive of the management team and our representative players on the greens anywhere at any time. Thankyou Craig.

John McLaughlin’s email service is comprehensive, informative, thought provoking and overlaid with a sense of humour. Thank you for your time and expertise. This website is the envy of many local and national clubs. Remember to check the shed notice-board – John leaves a weekly printout. He does have the winter season off though.

We owe our “Works” volunteers a debt of gratitude. The many hours spent by Kevin, Scotty and friends maintaining the complex: the preparing and marking of greens at some unearthly hour: the input of Allen Boardman, Maintenance Manager “and friends” with spraying, sweeping and grooming the greens to keep them in as near perfect condition as possible, thank you all. Bowlers like to come here and that says it all! The shelving for trophies set up under the Championship Boards in the Sports Bar are super – it all looks quite impressive – thank you John Calnan.

Last July we had a visit from Sharon Sims, then Region 3 Community Development Officer, who shared ideas re membership initiatives – food for thought. In March, of this year, Denis Toon, current CDO, Region 3, visited and left us with ideas re sponsorship, structured and recreational bowls – also much food for thought. The committee were interested in a particular sponsorship programme – information is with your AGM notes. (please return on AGM day if possible)

The Taradale Club Sponsored Tournament held on 6th and 7th May was a great success. There were many accolades re the organisation and friendliness though/over the two day event. Congratulations to David Thorne, Jim Fitzsimons and Dave Kaye for their organising prowess and to all the helpers they brought “on board” who also worked hard to make this event a continuing success. The Mother Club and Bowling Adjunct worked well together.

Our New Shed: The winter months are going to be a “shed spotters” dream. At time of writing I have learned (22/5) that Charlie Demanser, Stu. Nesbit and their group of volunteers are to start the framing this week. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their time and expertise.

Your committee set aside $7000.00 for this project with added monies available if necessary. We will start off next summer season in fine style. Where the old shed is now, a rock garden will be made, centred with a cairn of “old, old, bowls”. It is all very exciting and much better for those involved with running tournaments and championships and easy access to notice-boards.

There have been 11 committee meetings this year. Attendance for these meetings is as follows: Joyce Budge 11, Wilma Ennor 11, Irene Millar 11, Bruce Mitchell 11, Terry Christensen 10, John Calnan 10, Diane Mitchell 8, Val Ives 8,  Julie Haslett 7.

I thank all Committee Members for their support, time and effort over the past year. To those members not standing again, “you have served your club well”.

Julie Haslett (5 yrs.) is happy to stay on in an ex-officio capacity as Tournament Secretary and train a “new-comer”.

Diane Mitchell (5 yrs.) who has had many roles over the years, all of which were actioned ably.

Val Ives (3 yrs.) Women’s Selector, has gone about her job thoughtfully and “without fear or favour”.

To all of the above “Enjoy your bowls next season”.

Terry Christensen (5yrs) steps down from her position as Treasurer. Terry, who always has the “club” at heart has kept a beady eye on the finances and would never give a cent away without a battle. Well done Terry – a grand effort. Terry has put her name forward for an executive position.

Wilma Ennor is completing 4 years as Secretary. She took this role on when still a very junior bowler and we have been most fortunate to have been availed of her expertise and professional prowess. A good secretary is worth “their weight in gold” and she has consistently given 110%. Wilma has put her name forward for an executive position.


We belong to a great Club.
We belong to a friendly Club.
We belong to a helpful club community.
We belong to a progressive club.

We are a club that endeavours to recognise the needs and desires of all members – the social members and the competitive aspects of the game.
We belong to a club where people donate their time and expertise willingly


While this continues, the club will survive and thrive.

We all need each other!

 Thank you All,
 Joyce Budge – 22.05.06




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