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Newsletter 3 -  14 September 2009

Welcome Home
Familiar faces are beginning to appear again around the green often after stints overseas. I thought I saw in the distance Michael and Ivy G (back from Europe), Wanda has returned from USA, Morrie S and Bryan J are just home from Oz, Noeline G from Canada, Colin McL must be due home soon from Fiji and Gig de R emailed the other day from Australia - home 16th September. There must be others I don't know about or have forgotten to mention - welcome home, all! 

Farewell soon to Ray K as he and his wife head to Morocco for a short holiday. Travel safely.

Saturday Roll-up - even when Championships are on
When Championships are being played there are usually some rinks available for members to use for Saturday roll-up. Last Saturday no members came for a roll-up yet there were at least four rinks that could have been used. Please remember this for future Championship events.
1st Wanganui 32 points +197 differential;
2nd Kapiti Coast 30 points +134 differential;
3rd Hawkes Bay 22 points +78 differential; -
this team included Mandy Boyd and Angela Boyd
4th Wellington 20 points -26 differential;
 Manawatu 12 points -103 differential;
6th Wairarapa 4 points -280 differential

  The Summer mini triples held on the 11th September
1st B Hook(s), C Salmon, D Jenkins, 3 - 18 + 22;
2nd D Roberts(s), D Stevenson, J Budge 3 - 16 + 21;
3rd B Mittchell(s), R Falvey, B Falvey, 3 - 15 + 16;
Nominated Games
A Green A Dempsey(s), B Neilson, L Dempsey, 7 + 14 (game 2),
B Green J Philip(s), R Hamilton, C Morgan, 7 + 11 (game 1)
  Women's and Men's Championship Fours
The club greens have been a hive of activity this past fortnight as bowlers prepared for the first championship event of the season. The bad weather stayed away and both days saw a wide range of bowling skills. It was especially pleasing to see so many members drop in at some time to watch and enjoy play as the two championships progressed. Congratulations to the winners.

Women: Sue Brock (skip), Del Girven, Maree Turner, Linda Boyd
Men: Jack Halka (skip), Frank Grantham, Johnny Ward, Ewen McLauchlan

Winners of Championship 4's
Maree, Linda, Del (rear), Sue
Tessa, Sheryl, Angela, Barbara
Winners of Championship 4's
Johnny, Jack, Ewen, Frank
Warren, Dave, Richard, John
Sat 26/27    Men's Triples    Women's Singles   see RH column
Sep 19 - 20 Regional Secondary Schools   see RH column (or Bowls HB website - click here)
Sep 18 - 20   P.B.A. Finals   Hastings

Next Sunday Special 2.4.2
On Sunday 20th September we will have a 2.4.2 Tournament (32 teams) starting at 12.30 pm. Dress is mufti and there is a $5 cost per player. Make up a team and put your entry on the board in the club administration building. There is still room for a few more teams

Cory Margaret & Don Bob

Giving someone all your love
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Don't expect love in return;
Just wait for it to grow in their heart
But if it doesn't, be content it grew in yours.
It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone,
An hour to like someone,
And a day to love someone,
But it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

Practice Makes Perfect
Practice sessions develop and build on existing skills. Match play is where those skills will be demonstrated. Quality practice induces and requires high levels of concentration. This will flow on into match performance. Focus attention on developing sound routines until they become automatic.

Bowlers need to practise skills on a daily basis. It is only by doing this that one can become good at the skill.  Some examples of skills might be: Draw to a jack, draw to a spilled jack, draw to the ditch, wrest a bowl with a yard-on, drive a bowl or the jack, play a run shot, deliver the jack short, medium, long.

Wilma is offering coaching lessons each Saturday morning - starts at 9.30

John will be available for the next five Tuesday mornings (10.00 - 11.00 am)

QUESTION: Do I have to stand with both feet on the mat before I deliver a bowl? 

Law 20  Position on the mat   
Before delivery a player should be standing on the mat with one foot fully on the mat. At the moment they deliver the jack or a bowl, the player should have all or part of one foot on or above the mat.

ETIQUETTE  -  Be Mindful of Your Opponents
People play bowls for enjoyment.
It will be more satisfying if you are mindful of your opponents.
Be ready.
Always be on time for the start of play and for the start of each game.
Start and finish a game with a handshake.
Proofreading is a dying art
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Something Went Wrong in Jet Crash, Expert Says
Police Begin Campaign to Run Down Jaywalkers
Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over
Miners Refuse to Work after Death
Juvenile Court to Try Shooting Defendant
If Strike Isn't Settled Quickly, It May Last A while
Cold Wave Linked to Temperatures
London Couple Slain; Police Suspect Homicide
Red Tape Holds Up New Bridges
Man Struck By Lightning: Faces Battery Charge
New Study of Obesity Looks for Larger Test Group
Astronaut Takes Blame for Gas in Spacecraft
Kids Make Nutritious Snacks
Local High School Dropouts Cut in Half
Hospitals are Sued by 7 Foot Doctors
Typhoon Rips Through Cemetery; Hundreds Dead


One of these gorgeous ladies has just celebrated a birthday. The photo is entitled 334 years and still going but surely they mean 234 years!!!

Happy birthday, Fay.


It's been a while since anyone has won this prestigious award but we now have a serious contender!!! Last Friday one of our players held up the mini triples because she had locked her keys inside her car. Husband and son were rung and eventually a solution was found. Our out-of-breath Turkey Award recipient arrived just as the bell was about to be rung.
Well done, Barbara.

PS  The keys were eventually found - not in the locked car but inside the house.
We need volunteers to act as markers for the singles that are coming up. If you volunteer you should only have to do one or two games as players are expected to mark as they are eliminated. There are sheets in the admin building where you can enter your name. Thank you.
Men's Singles       - starts Sat 3 Oct
Women's Singles  - starts Sun 4 Oct

Men's and Women's Club Championship Dates  

Sat 12   
Men's Fours    Women's Fours
Sun 13   
Men's Fours    Women's Fours
Sat 26   
Men's Triples    Women's Singles
Sun 27       
Men's Triples    Women's Singles

Sat 3   
Men's Singles   

Sun 4   
Men's Singles    Women's Singles

Sat 17   
Men's Pairs   
Women's Triples

Men's Pairs   
Women's Triples

Sat 31   
Men's Junior Singles   
Women's Pairs

Sun 1   
Men's Junior Singles   
Women's Pairs

Sat 7       
Women's Junior Pairs

Sun 8       
Women's Junior Pairs

Sat 14       
Women's Junior Singles

Sun 15   
Men's Reserve Day   
Women's Junior Singles

Sat 12   
Men's Reserve Day   
Women's Reserve Day

Sun 20   
Men's Reserve Morning   
Women's Reserve Morning

Sun 10   
Men's Reserve Day   
Women's Reserve Day

Sat 16   
Men's Junior Pairs   

Sun 17   
Men's Junior Pairs   

Sat 27   
Men's Colt's Singles   
Women's 1st Year Singles

Sun 28   
Men's Colt's Singles   
Women's 1st Year Singles

    2009 - 2010 All Men's and Women's Club Championship   
Games Format - 2 life system - all 8.30 a.m. start - 4 games per day   
An entry fee of $2 per person is to be charged for each event .   
Singles 21 shots no time limit
Pairs 18 ends, 3 bowls - 2 hour time limit
Triples 16 ends, 2 bowls - 2 hour time limit
Fours 15 ends, 2 bowls - 2 hour time limit
If a full scheduled senior day is unable to be completed it will be played on the first available Junior day. The Junior Championship will be rescheduled.  Other than the Men's Junior Pairs ( scheduled for Jan 16/17) if any Championship remains uncompleted as at 31 Dec, in conjunction with the Committee, teams will be required to arrange suitable times to complete games.  The Committee will advise final dates that each uncompleted round is to be finished by.  Any team not meeting the deadline will be defaulted.   
RESERVE DAYS : To be used if required / possible.   

Hawke's Bay Centre Events

Aug 22 & 23
H.B. Secondary Schools Qualifying
Sep 5 & 6
Rep. Junior Hexagonal at Wanganui
Sep 9
Centre Opening - Havelock Nth
Sep 19 - 20
Regional Secondary Schools 
H.B. Representative team trials
Nov7 8 & 14
Men's Interclub 7's & Triples
Nov21 & 22
Men's Centre Open Fours
Nov21 & 22
Women's Interclub 7's
Nov24 & 25
Women's Interclub Triples
Nov29 & 29
Rep. Fixture - GEC at H.B.
Dec5 & 6
M & W - Centre Open Triples
Rep. Fixture v Manawatu
Dec19 & 20
Men's Centre Open Singles

Jan 9 
M & W - First Year Singles
Jan 9
M & W - Postponement Day
Jan 10
Regional Kittyhawk Qualifying (U20)
Jan 16 & 17
W - Centre Open Fours
Jan 23 & 24
W - Centre Open Singles
Jan 30 & 31
Centre Mixed Pairs
Feb 6 & 7
M & W Centre Open Pairs
Feb 13 & 14
Rep. Fixture v Taranaki at P.Nth
Feb 20
M & W - Ch. Ch. Triples
Feb 21
M & W - Ch. Ch. Pairs
Mar 6 & 7
M - District Shield
Mar 6 & 7
W - Ch. Ch. Fours
Mar 13 & 14
M & W - Centre Junior Singles
Mar 21
W - Ch. Ch. Singles
Mar 27
M - Ch. Ch. Singles
Mar 28
M - Ch. Ch. Fours
Mar 28
W - Ch. Ch. Junior Singles
Apr 10
M & W - Ch. Ch. Junior Pairs
Apr 11
M & W - Postponement Day
Apr 18
M - Ch. Ch. Junior Singles
Apr 24
M & W - Jun. Rep. v GEC - Wairoa
May 15 & 16
M - Jun. Rep. Hex - Wanganui
May 23
Prizegiving at Havelock North
Jun 26
AGM at Havelock Nth
Junior M. Quadrangular at Hastings









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