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Newsletter 12 -  30 November 2009

Bowls Hawke's Bay Women's Inter-club Triples
Result of the Bowls Hawke's Bay Women's Inter-club Triples played 24th & 25th November
Div 1 -   First Kia Toa A     10 +29
            2nd Taradale A         8 + 22
Div 2     First  Kia Toa B        10 +29
            2nd Omarunui A            5 -1
Div 3     First    Kia Toa C        10 +32
            2nd    Heretaunga B    8 +41
Div 4     First Wairere C            8 +23
            2nd Kia Toa D            6 +12
Overall winners - Kia Toa Club  
  Bowls Hawke's Bay Men's Open Fours
Bowls Hawke's Bay senior men's selector Graeme Wagg, skipped Dave Stevenson, Ken Smith and Malcolm Stockwell (all Bowls Napier) to win the Open Fours at Port Ahuriri Bowling Club last weekend. Runner-up was Tony Small's Havelock North combination.


CLUB Club 2.4.2
On Dec 6th @12.30 pm we will be holding another 2.4.2. Entry fee is $5 and dress is mufti. Please put your names on the sheet in the Administration Shed. Entries will close when 32 teams are nominated.

Some club members will be playing in the Centre Triples on the same weekend. If you do not qualify for play on Sunday but would like to enter in the Club 2.4.2 please phone Bruce Mitchell (8448396) as early as possible on Saturday night.

Dec 5 & 6  M & W - Centre Open Triples
The draw for this is on the Bowls HB website  http://bowlshawkesbay.freehostia.com/draws_&_Venues.htm


1. I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.

2. I find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.

When An End Is Killed

Carry the bowls when returning them after a killed end. 
Do not kick them up the green.
Bowls should not be dropped on the green.

Have A Game Plan
Win the majority of the ends you play
Play only minimum or maximum length (jack delivery is very important)
Always have two bowls in the head
Minimize errors by keeping shot losses to 2 shots
Greed - do not widen the head for the opposition
          - do not chase more shots and cause risk when holding shot
Enjoy keep composed, show confidence, especially if you or the team are losing
Do not change a game or length that is winning

Question: When you are having trial ends how many bowls can you use, how many trial ends can you have and on what rink must you play? 

Trial Ends      Law 18.1
Before the start of play in a game, or before continuing an unfinished game on another day, one trial end may be played in each direction. Trial ends must be played on the same rink which the game is to be played on. Each player must use only the number of bowls that will be played per end in game. Opponents of the team that started first trial end should start second trial end. The team that starts the first end puts the mat down, delivers the jack then the distance does not alter during the course of the trial end. When each bowl comes to rest the marker or any player can remove it and place it towards front of ditch.  If a bowl moves the jack, the jack should be replaced to its former position.


8 years old. Hateful little bastard. Bites!

Half Cocker Spaniel, half sneaky neighbour's dog.

Mother, a Kennel Club registered German Shepherd.
Father, Super Dog. Able to leap tall fences in a single bound.

Looks like a rat. Been out a while.
Better be a big reward.

FOR SALE - Small herd of COWS - NEVER BRED.
Also 1 gay bull for sale.

Worn once, by mistake. Call Stephanie.

Complete set - Encyclopaedia Britannica, 45 volumes. Excellent condition.
$200 or best offer. No longer needed, got married last month and wife
knows everything.

GALA  March 10th 2010 
Please save your old magazines, books and jigsaws. Start potting your cuttings, preserving season is near, maybe an extra jar can be put aside for our stall.
Any odd balls of knitting wool that can be used by our 'crafty ladies' would be gratefully received. There will be a basket available in the shed for your donations of wool.
Caps - Visors/Peaks - Polishing Sleeves - Aerosol chalk
Tubes of Grippo are also available

New bowling caps and visors are for sale in our club administration shed. Both the caps and the visors include Bowls Taradale lettering and club logo. Prices are great.
Caps    $12
Visors   $10
Polishing Sleeve   $3
Aerosol Chalk Puffers   $8
Grippo   $8
Bowls On TV
Bowls will be featured in a new TV show called "All in the Games" which will be aired on SKY. 

DATE             TIME          CHANNEL
2/12/09        8pm        SKY Sport 1

3/12/09        7pm        SKY Sport 3

3/12/09     10.30pm     SKY Sport 1

5/12/09      4.30am      SKY Sport 2

Lilian's Bowling Gear For Sale (2nd reminder)
Lilian's bowling "gear" is for sale. You can see it in the Administration Shed. It includes items such as pants, shorts, jacket, shoes, shirts, jerseys - there may be more. If you want an item you decide on a price, put the money in the honesty box then take the item you have bought.

Men's and Women's Club Championship Dates  

Sat 12   
Men's Fours    Women's Fours
Sun 13   
Men's Fours    Women's Fours
Sat 26   
Men's Triples    Women's Singles
Sun 27       
Men's Triples    Women's Singles

Sat 3   
Men's Singles   

Sun 4   
Men's Singles    Women's Singles

Sat 17   
Men's Pairs   
Women's Triples

Men's Pairs   
Women's Triples

Sat 31   
Men's Junior Singles   
Women's Pairs

Sun 1   
Men's Junior Singles   
Women's Pairs

Sat 7       
Women's Junior Pairs

Sun 8       
Women's Junior Pairs

Sat 14       
Women's Junior Singles

Sun 15   
Men's Reserve Day   
Women's Junior Singles

Sat 12   
Men's Reserve Day   
Women's Reserve Day

Sun 20   
Men's Reserve Morning   
Women's Reserve Morning

Sun 10   
Men's Reserve Day   
Women's Reserve Day

Sat 16   
Men's Junior Pairs   

Sun 17   
Men's Junior Pairs   

Sat 27   
Men's Colt's Singles   
Women's 1st Year Singles

Sun 28   
Men's Colt's Singles   
Women's 1st Year Singles

    2009 - 2010 All Men's and Women's Club Championship   
Games Format - 2 life system - all 8.30 a.m. start - 4 games per day   
An entry fee of $2 per person is to be charged for each event .   
Singles 21 shots no time limit
Pairs 18 ends, 3 bowls - 2 hour time limit
Triples 16 ends, 2 bowls - 2 hour time limit
Fours 15 ends, 2 bowls - 2 hour time limit
If a full scheduled senior day is unable to be completed it will be played on the first available Junior day. The Junior Championship will be rescheduled.  Other than the Men's Junior Pairs ( scheduled for Jan 16/17) if any Championship remains uncompleted as at 31 Dec, in conjunction with the Committee, teams will be required to arrange suitable times to complete games.  The Committee will advise final dates that each uncompleted round is to be finished by.  Any team not meeting the deadline will be defaulted.   
RESERVE DAYS : To be used if required / possible.   

Hawke's Bay Centre Events

Aug 22 & 23
H.B. Secondary Schools Qualifying
Sep 5 & 6
Rep. Junior Hexagonal at Wanganui
Sep 9
Centre Opening - Havelock Nth
Sep 19 - 20
Regional Secondary Schools 
H.B. Representative team trials

Nov7 8 & 14
Men's Interclub 7's & Triples
Nov21 & 22
Men's Centre Open Fours
Nov21 & 22
Women's Interclub 7's
Nov24 & 25
Women's Interclub Triples
Nov29 & 29
Rep. Fixture - GEC at H.B.
Dec5 & 6
M & W - Centre Open Triples

Rep. Fixture v Manawatu
Dec19 & 20
Men's Centre Open Singles

Jan 9 
M & W - First Year Singles
Jan 9
M & W - Postponement Day
Jan 10
Regional Kittyhawk Qualifying (U20)
Jan 16 & 17
W - Centre Open Fours
Jan 23 & 24
W - Centre Open Singles
Jan 30 & 31
Centre Mixed Pairs
Feb 6 & 7
M & W Centre Open Pairs
Feb 13 & 14
Rep. Fixture v Taranaki at P.Nth
Feb 20
M & W - Ch. Ch. Triples
Feb 21
M & W - Ch. Ch. Pairs
Mar 6 & 7
M - District Shield
Mar 6 & 7
W - Ch. Ch. Fours
Mar 13 & 14
M & W - Centre Junior Singles
Mar 21
W - Ch. Ch. Singles
Mar 27
M - Ch. Ch. Singles
Mar 28
M - Ch. Ch. Fours
Mar 28
W - Ch. Ch. Junior Singles
Apr 10
M & W - Ch. Ch. Junior Pairs
Apr 11
M & W - Postponement Day
Apr 18
M - Ch. Ch. Junior Singles
Apr 24
M & W - Jun. Rep. v GEC - Wairoa
May 15 & 16
M - Jun. Rep. Hex - Wanganui
May 23
Prizegiving at Havelock North
Jun 26
AGM at Havelock Nth
Junior M. Quadrangular at Hastings









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