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Newsletter 13 -  7 December 2009

Men's & Women's Centre Open Triples
Wet weather and sodden greens at Omarunui and Port Ahuriri meant a late start on Saturday in both the men's and women's Centre Triples. Three games were played (instead of the usual four) with two and three winners eligible for Day 2. Bowls Taradale was well represented with two women's teams and six men's.

Two teams made Post-Section play.
Women - Angela Boyd, Lynda Boyd and Vivien McLauchlan
Men - John McLaughlin, Terry Shakeshaft and Les Stuart (whoopee!! - I am allowed to say that)

Unofficial Results
Men: Bruce Stewart (Heretaunga) beat Ian Herbert (H.Nth)
Women: Sally Sutcliffe beat Olga Taylor

  Club 2.4.2
Bruce Mitchell and his team are to be congratulated on organising another successful 2.4.2 tournament yesterday afternoon. Beautiful weather and a large participation made it an enjoyable afternoon. Well done, everyone.

Bowls Hawke’s Bay Website
Gardner Shield
Interim results of the Gardner Shield.

Napier Zone; Napier 8 wins, Bay View 7 wins, Taradale 5 wins, Port Ahuriri 4 wins, Bluff Hill 3 wins, Omarunui 3 wins.

Hastings Zone; Havelock North 7 wins, Hastings 5 wins, Heretaunga 4 wins, Waipukurau 3 wins, Kia Toa 1 win.

The winner of the Napier zone (Napier) plays the winner of the Hastings zone (Havelock North), on a neutral green in Napier commencing 8th December.

  Bowls Hawke’s Bay Website
Havelock North Moira Smyth Women's 2x4x2 (Last Tuesday and Wednesday)
Mere Nepia and Louise Bateman (Bay View) won the Havelock North Moira Smyth Women's 2x4x2 being the only three winners in post-section play. Runners-up in the main event were Liffy Law and Susan Belcher with 2 1/2 wins. Waipukurau's Margaret Hain and Adrienne Freemantle won the consolation. In 2nd place in this event was the Kia Toa duo of Litia Fauimu and Letty Rice.
Dirk - the smiler Eddy - the story teller Wilma - the watcher



Club Championships continued
Next Saturday Dec 12 the following Championship events will continue

10.00 am - Men's Pairs semifinal.
Ernie Friedlander & Bryan Gilbertson will play Allen Boardman & Dave Roberts.
1.00 pm Final  - The winner from above will play Bruce Mitchell & Ray Falvey.

1.00 pm Final - Men's Singles
Lex Parsons, Morris Williams

Christmas Ham Tournament
Our annual Christmas Ham Tournament is almost upon us (Sunday Dec 20). Please enter your names on the sheet in the Administration Shed - this is needed for catering purposes.

Dec 13 Rep. Fixture v Manawatu
Dec 19 & 20 Men's Centre Open Singles

Selector Peg O'Dowd has announced the following teams to play against Manawatu on Sunday 13th December. 

Senior:  A. Boyd, S. Belcher, R. Cronin, L. Law, S. Mairs, N. McKinley, J. Paterson, O. Taylor.  
Development: L. Bateman, B. Exeter, L. Faiumu, W. Hicks, M.McLean, M. Nepia, I. Newbold, I. van Leeuwen.

Always tell the truth,
not only because it is the right thing to do,
but because it gives you such an advantage
over the man who is trying to remember his lies.

Decide First – before removing bowls

Bowls should not be moved until the shot(s) has been decided.
Don't delay the game.

Smooth Release / Straight Lines

Sharon Sims says, “Success in bowls comes down to consistent execution of just two essential skills.

·       Smooth release (rolling the bowl away on its running surface)

·       Straight lines (delivering the bowl consistently down the intended line).

When introducing new players to the game these two skills are all we should be focusing on."

Hope they left us some biscuits I've got my biscuit I wish I could remember where I put my biscuit That's his 3rd teaspoon of sugar  

Question: An end is killed and one skip wants the bowls taken back to the end that has just been played but the other does not. What happens? Does the team that placed the mat have the choice? Does the team that killed the end have the choice? Is there another solution? Do you know the law relating to dead ends? 

Law 31        Dead End 
A dead end should be replayed in the same direction unless the skips or opponents in Singles agree to play it in the opposite direction.  If the jack and bowls need to be transferred to the opposite end of the rink before the end is replayed, they should be CARRIED up the rink.


Set It Free
If you love something, set it free.
If it comes back, it was, and always will be, yours.
If it never returns, it was never yours to begin with.
If it just sits in your living room, messes up your stuff, eats your food, uses your telephone, takes your money, and never behaves as if you actually set it free in the first place, you either married it or gave birth to it!

GALA  March 10th 2010 
Please save your old magazines, books and jigsaws. Start potting your cuttings, preserving season is near, maybe an extra jar can be put aside for our stall.
Any odd balls of knitting wool that can be used by our 'crafty ladies' would be gratefully received. There will be a basket available in the shed for your donations of wool.
Scotty Burton
One of our bowlers was at Hampton Court recently and met Scotty who was so pleased to see her. He is in Room 72

Happy Birthday, Shirley

Caps - Visors/Peaks - Polishing Sleeves - Aerosol chalk
New bowling caps and visors are for sale in our club administration shed. Both the caps and the visors include Bowls Taradale lettering and club logo. Prices are great.
Caps    $12
Visors   $10
Polishing Sleeve   $3
Aerosol Chalk Puffers   $8
Grippo   $8
Bowls On TV
Bowls will be featured in a new TV show called "All in the Games" which will be aired on SKY. 

The Trusts - New Zealand Open
recently played at the Henderson Bowling Club will be televised

The Trusts New Zealand Open Sky TV Schedule:

The Trusts Women’s Pairs Final -
Tuesday 8th December 7.30pm Sky Sport 1 (HD)
Tuesday 8th December 10.00pm Sky Sport 3 (HD)
Thursday 10th December 1.00pm Sky Sport 1 (HD)
Saturday 12th December 10.00am Sky Sport 2 (HD)

The Trusts Men’s Pairs Final -
Tuesday 15th December 7.30pm Sky Sport 1 (HD)
Wednesday 16th December 11.30am Sky Sport 1 (HD)
Saturday 19th December 10.00am Sky Sport 2 (HD)
Saturday 19th December  5.30pm Sky Sport 3 (HD)
Monday 21st December 12.30pm Sky Sport 1 (HD)
Monday 21st December 5.00pm Sky Sport 3 (HD)

ComfitPro Women's Triples Final -
Tuesday 22nd December 7.30pm Sky Sport 1 (HD)
Wednesday 23rd December 8.00am Sky Sport 2 (HD)
Wednesday 23rd December 12.00pm Sky Sport 1 (HD)
Wednesday 23rd December 5.30pm Sky Sport 3 (HD)
Saturday 26th December 10.00am Sky Sport 2 (HD)

ComfitPro Men's Triples Final -
Tuesday 29th December 7.30pm Sky Sport 1 (HD)
Wednesday 30th December 3.30pm Sky Sport 3 (HD)
Thursday 31st December 9.30am Sky Sport 3 (HD)
Friday 1st January 3.30am Sky Sport 1 (HD)

The Trusts Women’s Singles Final -
To be confirmed

The Trusts Men’s Singles Final -
To be confirmed



Men's and Women's Club Championship Dates  

Sat 12   
Men's Fours    Women's Fours
Sun 13   
Men's Fours    Women's Fours
Sat 26   
Men's Triples    Women's Singles
Sun 27       
Men's Triples    Women's Singles

Sat 3   
Men's Singles   

Sun 4   
Men's Singles    Women's Singles

Sat 17   
Men's Pairs   
Women's Triples

Men's Pairs   
Women's Triples

Sat 31   
Men's Junior Singles   
Women's Pairs

Sun 1   
Men's Junior Singles   
Women's Pairs

Sat 7       
Women's Junior Pairs

Sun 8       
Women's Junior Pairs

Sat 14       
Women's Junior Singles

Sun 15   
Men's Reserve Day   
Women's Junior Singles

Sat 12   
Men's Reserve Day   
Women's Reserve Day

Sun 20   
Men's Reserve Morning   
Women's Reserve Morning

Sun 10   
Men's Reserve Day   
Women's Reserve Day

Sat 16   
Men's Junior Pairs   

Sun 17   
Men's Junior Pairs   

Sat 27   
Men's Colt's Singles   
Women's 1st Year Singles

Sun 28   
Men's Colt's Singles   
Women's 1st Year Singles

    2009 - 2010 All Men's and Women's Club Championship   
Games Format - 2 life system - all 8.30 a.m. start - 4 games per day   
An entry fee of $2 per person is to be charged for each event .   
Singles 21 shots no time limit
Pairs 18 ends, 3 bowls - 2 hour time limit
Triples 16 ends, 2 bowls - 2 hour time limit
Fours 15 ends, 2 bowls - 2 hour time limit
If a full scheduled senior day is unable to be completed it will be played on the first available Junior day. The Junior Championship will be rescheduled.  Other than the Men's Junior Pairs ( scheduled for Jan 16/17) if any Championship remains uncompleted as at 31 Dec, in conjunction with the Committee, teams will be required to arrange suitable times to complete games.  The Committee will advise final dates that each uncompleted round is to be finished by.  Any team not meeting the deadline will be defaulted.   
RESERVE DAYS : To be used if required / possible.   

Hawke's Bay Centre Events

Aug 22 & 23 H,B. Secondary Schools Qualifying

Sep 5 & 6 Rep. Junior Hexagonal at Wanganui

Sep 9 Centre Opening - Havelock Nth

Sep 26 & 27 Regional Secondary Schools

Oct 26 H.B. Representative team trials

Nov 7 8 & 14 Men's Interclub 7's & Triples

Nov 21 & 22 Men's Centre Open Fours

Nov 21 & 22 Women's Interclub 7's

Nov 24 & 25 Women's Interclub Triples

Nov 29 & 29 Rep. Fixture - GEC at H.B.

Dec 5 & 6 M & W - Centre Open Triples

Dec 13 Rep. Fixture v Manawatu

Dec 19 & 20 Men's Centre Open Singles


Jan 9 M & W - First Year Singles

Jan 9 M & W - Postponement Day

Jan 10 Regional Kittyhawk Qualifying (U20)

Jan 16 & 17 W - Centre Open Fours

Jan 23 & 24 W - Centre Open Singles

Jan 30 & 31 Centre Mixed Pairs

Feb 6 & 7 M & W Centre Open Pairs

Feb 13 & 14 Rep. Fixture v Taranaki at P.Nth

Feb 20 M & W - Ch. Ch. Triples

Feb 21 M & W - Ch. Ch. Pairs

Mar 6 & 7 M - District Shield

Mar 6 & 7 W - Ch. Ch. Fours

Mar 13 & 14 M & W - Centre Junior Singles

Mar 21 W - Ch. Ch. Singles

Mar 27 M - Ch. Ch. Singles

Mar 28 M - Ch. Ch. Fours

Mar 28 W - Ch. Ch. Junior Singles

Apr 10 M & W - Ch. Ch. Junior Pairs

Apr 11 M & W - Postponement Day

Apr 18 M - Ch. Ch. Junior Singles

Apr 24 M & W - Jun. Rep. v GEC - Wairoa

May 15 & 16 M - Jun. Rep. Hex - Wanganui

May 23 Prizegiving at Havelock North

Jun 26 AGM at Havelock Nth

Jun Junior M. Quadrangular at Hastings








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