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Newsletter 15  -  21 December 2009

Colleen and I wish each of you
a very happy Christmas
and may 2010
be the best you have ever had



Have you ever thought
of asking
Father Christmas
for a

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We have NZ's Best and Second Best

What an outstanding effort from our three reps in Auckland last week. They finished up NZ's best and second best - that's some feat. Congratulations to Mandy Boyd for winning the Bowls NZ National Secondary Schools Girls Singles Championship AGAIN!!  and congratulations to Tessa Hocking and Malia Begley for reaching the final of the Girls Pairs unbeaten before eventually going down to the Championship winners.

This kind of result just does not happen. Long hours of practice backed up by coaches such as Wilma and encouragement from family members and fellow bowlers such as you help make this possible. Well done, everyone!

Trans Tasman Teams Announced

abbreviated from Bowls NZ
The New Zealand men and women's under-18 and under-25 teams to compete in the annual Trans-Tasman fixture have been named. The event will be hosted by North Shore's Birkenhead Bowling Club in Auckland on the 26, 27 and 28 of February 2010.

The majority of the selected players will feature at the National Championships in Wellington in a fortnights time and will be out to pick up some good results prior to the Trans-Tasman event.  

Development womens (25 and under)

  • Singles: Clare McCaul (Wellington)
  • Pairs: McCaul, Misty Arnold (Nelson)
  • Triples: Mandy Boyd (Hawkes Bay), Gemma Collett (Nelson), Amy Brenton (Nelson)
  • Fours: Boyd, Arnold, Collett, Brenton

Club Christmas Ham Tournament
Our annual Christmas Ham Tournament was its usual success yesterday with a very large turnout, warm sunny but gusty weather and great Christmas spirit. Well done Bruce, Craig, Lois, Bob, Fay,  committee members and others for organising the event and everyone else for taking the time out to attend.
  HB Men's Centre Open Singles
Six of our men entered this event and two reached the last fourteen - Jack Halka and John McLaughlin. Neither of them made the final but congratulations on all who took part. Without competitors there is no race.

HB v Manawatu
Three of our members played against Manawatu last Sunday 13th December. 
A. Boyd, B. Exeter and I. Newbold

Senior Men - HB 8, Manawatu 12
Development Men - HB 8, Manawatu 12
Senior Women - HB 7, Manawatu 13
Development Women - HB 10, Manawatu 10
HB 33 points  Manawatu 47 points

We are such a friendly club - see what some of our men get up to when they go to other clubs

Kevin and friend Dave and friend

Coming Up

Sat 16 Jan   Men's Junior Pairs

Jan 9      M & W - First Year Singles
Jan 10    Regional Kittyhawk Qualifying (U20)


Time waits for no one.
Treasure every moment you have.
You will treasure it even more when
You can share it with someone special.

To realize the value of a friend or family member you only have to lose one.
Remember... Hold on tight to the ones you love!

ETIQUETTE -  for Markers on the Bowling Green
"So if you would a Marker be

Then make it worth your while
To do the job quite capably
And do it with a smile."

When a player has delivered the jack the marker should centre it then stand back and to one side, ensuring that all rink markers are visible to the players.

He should answer any specific question (from the player in possession of the rink) about the state of the head. He should not offer any additional information that has not been requested.

If you are unsure of the situation don't guess. You can offer an opinion but make sure that the player who is asking the question is made aware of this.

The marker should mark all touchers immediately they come to rest and remove chalk marks from non touchers. He should also remove all dead bowls from the rink with the players' agreement. He should also mark the position the Jack which is in the ditch.

The marker should not move any bowls until the end is complete and the players have agreed the number of shots.

Concentration starts with having good routines.
Lawn Bowls may best be described as a low-intensity long-endurance sport. Therefore the ability to maintain focus or concentration over a period of time is a skill that needs to be included in training programmes.

A pre shot routine could be:
1. Define the type of shot you are going to play (draw, yard-on, drive, etc).
2. Place the bowl in the hand correctly.
3. Establish the intended line.
4. Move onto the mat ensuring the anchor foot and body is pointing directly along the intended line.
5. Think calm and relaxed.
6. Put the feeling into your body of how fast you need to bowl the bowl.
7. A trigger or cue word to set the bowling action in motion.
8. Concentrate and deliver the bowl.
9. Analyse the result and what correction if any will be required with the next bowl.


Question: Now and again you get disagreements among those measuring an end. Sometimes a player mentions the result then kicks the bowls away before the other player has time to agree or disagree. What should happen when you are deciding an end?

Law 39        Both Sides Must Agree
No bowl should be moved until the opponents have agreed whether it is a shot or not, except where a bowl has to be moved so that another bowl can be measured. As the shots are agreed, each shot bowl can be removed from the head. Shot bowls can be placed in a group where they will not interfere with measuring. If shot bowls have been placed in a group, the number of bowls in the group should be agreed by the opponents. The skips and the seconds or the marker where appropriate should be told (or have signalled to them) the number of shots scored in each end.


You believe in Santa Claus.
You don't believe in Santa Claus.
You are Santa Claus.
You look like Santa Claus.

Why men wear ear rings??

I have often wondered how this trend got started, I now have the answer.

Mark was at work last week when he noticed that Bill was wearing an earring. Mark knew Bill was normally a conservative fellow, and was curious about his sudden change in "fashion sense."

He walked up to Bill and said, "I didn't know you were into earrings."

"Don't make such a big deal, it's only an earring," Bill replied sheepishly.

Mark was silent for a few minutes, but then his curiosity prodded him to say, "So, how long have you been wearing one?"

"Ever since my wife found it in my car."

Tremain Earthquake Tournament
Don Seccombe intended to sponsor our earthquake tournament on 29 Jan 2010 but he is retiring from Tremain Real Estate. A new agent, Maree Wilson, will take his place as the Tremain sponsor. Thank you Don and Maree for your generosity.
Honesty Box
As you know the club runs an honesty box for green fees. Sometimes "wrong-bias" money is put in this box. If you are a "wrong-bias" person (and who isn't?) please give your 50c to Craig rather than putting it into the honesty box. Thanks
East Coast Chartered Clubs Mens Outdoor Bowls Fours
2,3,4 March 2010
For complete details click this picture
Bowls On TV
Bowls will be featured in a new TV show called "All in the Games" which will be aired on SKY. 

The Trusts - New Zealand Open
recently played at the Henderson Bowling Club will be televised

The Trusts New Zealand Open Sky TV Schedule:

The Trusts Menís Pairs Final -
Monday 21st December 12.30pm Sky Sport 1 (HD)
Monday 21st December 5.00pm Sky Sport 3 (HD)

ComfitPro Women's Triples Final -
Tuesday 22nd December 7.30pm Sky Sport 1 (HD)
Wednesday 23rd December 8.00am Sky Sport 2 (HD)
Wednesday 23rd December 12.00pm Sky Sport 1 (HD)
Wednesday 23rd December 5.30pm Sky Sport 3 (HD)
Saturday 26th December 10.00am Sky Sport 2 (HD)

ComfitPro Men's Triples Final -
Tuesday 29th December 7.30pm Sky Sport 1 (HD)
Wednesday 30th December 3.30pm Sky Sport 3 (HD)
Thursday 31st December 9.30am Sky Sport 3 (HD)
Friday 1st January 3.30am Sky Sport 1 (HD)

The Trusts Womenís Singles Final -
To be confirmed

The Trusts Menís Singles Final -
To be confirmed



Men's and Women's Club Championship Dates  

Sat 12   
Men's Fours    Women's Fours
Sun 13   
Men's Fours    Women's Fours
Sat 26   
Men's Triples    Women's Singles
Sun 27       
Men's Triples    Women's Singles

Sat 3   
Men's Singles   

Sun 4   
Men's Singles    Women's Singles

Sat 17   
Men's Pairs   
Women's Triples

Men's Pairs   
Women's Triples

Sat 31   
Men's Junior Singles   
Women's Pairs

Sun 1   
Men's Junior Singles   
Women's Pairs

Sat 7       
Women's Junior Pairs

Sun 8       
Women's Junior Pairs

Sat 14       
Women's Junior Singles

Sun 15   
Men's Reserve Day   
Women's Junior Singles

Sat 12   
Men's Reserve Day   
Women's Reserve Day

Sun 20   
Men's Reserve Morning   
Women's Reserve Morning

Sun 10   
Men's Reserve Day   
Women's Reserve Day

Sat 16   
Men's Junior Pairs   

Sun 17   
Men's Junior Pairs   

Sat 27   
Men's Colt's Singles   
Women's 1st Year Singles

Sun 28   
Men's Colt's Singles   
Women's 1st Year Singles

    2009 - 2010 All Men's and Women's Club Championship   
Games Format - 2 life system - all 8.30 a.m. start - 4 games per day   
An entry fee of $2 per person is to be charged for each event .   
Singles 21 shots no time limit
Pairs 18 ends, 3 bowls - 2 hour time limit
Triples 16 ends, 2 bowls - 2 hour time limit
Fours 15 ends, 2 bowls - 2 hour time limit
If a full scheduled senior day is unable to be completed it will be played on the first available Junior day. The Junior Championship will be rescheduled.  Other than the Men's Junior Pairs ( scheduled for Jan 16/17) if any Championship remains uncompleted as at 31 Dec, in conjunction with the Committee, teams will be required to arrange suitable times to complete games.  The Committee will advise final dates that each uncompleted round is to be finished by.  Any team not meeting the deadline will be defaulted.   
RESERVE DAYS : To be used if required / possible.   

Hawke's Bay Centre Events

Aug 22 & 23 H,B. Secondary Schools Qualifying

Sep 5 & 6 Rep. Junior Hexagonal at Wanganui

Sep 9 Centre Opening - Havelock Nth

Sep 26 & 27 Regional Secondary Schools

Oct 26 H.B. Representative team trials

Nov 7 8 & 14 Men's Interclub 7's & Triples

Nov 21 & 22 Men's Centre Open Fours

Nov 21 & 22 Women's Interclub 7's

Nov 24 & 25 Women's Interclub Triples

Nov 29 & 29 Rep. Fixture - GEC at H.B.

Dec 5 & 6 M & W - Centre Open Triples

Dec 13 Rep. Fixture v Manawatu

Dec 19 & 20 Men's Centre Open Singles


Jan 9 M & W - First Year Singles

Jan 9 M & W - Postponement Day

Jan 10 Regional Kittyhawk Qualifying (U20)

Jan 16 & 17 W - Centre Open Fours

Jan 23 & 24 W - Centre Open Singles

Jan 30 & 31 Centre Mixed Pairs

Feb 6 & 7 M & W Centre Open Pairs

Feb 13 & 14 Rep. Fixture v Taranaki at P.Nth

Feb 20 M & W - Ch. Ch. Triples

Feb 21 M & W - Ch. Ch. Pairs

Mar 6 & 7 M - District Shield

Mar 6 & 7 W - Ch. Ch. Fours

Mar 13 & 14 M & W - Centre Junior Singles

Mar 21 W - Ch. Ch. Singles

Mar 27 M - Ch. Ch. Singles

Mar 28 M - Ch. Ch. Fours

Mar 28 W - Ch. Ch. Junior Singles

Apr 10 M & W - Ch. Ch. Junior Pairs

Apr 11 M & W - Postponement Day

Apr 18 M - Ch. Ch. Junior Singles

Apr 24 M & W - Jun. Rep. v GEC - Wairoa

May 15 & 16 M - Jun. Rep. Hex - Wanganui

May 23 Prizegiving at Havelock North

Jun 26 AGM at Havelock Nth

Jun Junior M. Quadrangular at Hastings








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