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Newsletter 18  -  18 January 2010

Men's Junior Pairs
Poor weather meant there was no play on Saturday in the Men's Junior Pairs. Sunday was a little better and three games were completed. At the close of play five teams are still in contention. Two lifers include Dave Jenkins / Russell Turner and Barry Gardner / Geoff Taylor. Three teams have one life; Peter Townrow / Gary deRidder, Dave Roberts / Dave Jones and Richard Hocking / Cory Morgan. When play resumes Richard and Cory will have a bye.

We get all sorts of spectators at our bowling green

Ross said we had to stay in the car Ross Phil & Craig Bay View's Peter and Ken
CENTRE - Women's Open Fours
Although Port Ahuriri was the venue for this year's Women's Open Fours there was no play on Saturday. Games were resheduled to Bowls Heretaunga on Sunday. When I called in our girls (Fay, Wanda, Maree and Julie) were holding their own but there was still another full game to be played. Post-Section play will continue in March (?) Check the Bowls HB website for more accurate results.
Kittyhawk Results (Taradale has 3 out of 6)
Congratulations to our three bowlers (Richard, Tessa, Mandy) who qualified last week to represent Region 3 at the Nationals in Auckland over Easter.
Boys: Mark McIntosh, Richard Hocking (Taradale), Eion McIntosh, Dean Drummond
Girls: Tessa Hocking (Taradale), Mandy Boyd (Taradale)
Women's Pairs Final - this FRIDAY
This event began at the end of October and is down to the last two - Sheryl Glock (S) Barbara Exeter (L) and Irene Newbold (S) and Tessa Hocking (L) - each with one life. The final will be played next Friday morning. I don't know the starting time so if you want to watch the final please check the club blackboard during the week for details.
Centre Women's Open Singles
On Jan 23-24 Bowls Taradale is hosting the HB Centre Women's Open Singles and markers are urgently needed. Eight markers are required on Saturday 23rd and probably five will be needed on the Sunday. If you can assist please put your name on the sheet in the club room or phone Bruce Mitchell (ph 8448396). Four games will be played on Saturday so if you can stay for only half a day please indicate whether you will mark in the morning or afternoon. Thank you for your generosity.
Three sages !!! A keen young man Watch your back, Ernie I've bowled mine, now it's your turn


Fri   29 Jan 10.00 Open Mixed Earthquake Triples - whites (because it is sponsored)
Sun   7 Feb 12.30 Club only Pairs
Fri   12 Feb  12.30 Open Mini Hetero triples
Sun 14 Feb 10.00 Hetero 2.4.2  Under 10 / Over 10

Jan 23 & 24    Women's Open Singles
Jan 30 & 31    Centre Mixed Pairs
Feb 6 & 7       M & W Centre Open Pairs
Feb 13 & 14    Rep. Fixture v Taranaki at P.Nth

The happiest people do not necessarily have the 'best' things.
They simply appreciate the things they have.

Etiquette - Donít Look For Excuses
Excuses for bad play by bowlers should not be made. Good bowlers play poor games occasionally. When beaten, they do not blame the condition of the green, the wind, or anything else - their victors had the same conditions to contend with. It is bad form to bewail one's luck - generally the better bowler has the better luck.


Slow and Fast Greens
The speed of a green is indicated by the number of seconds a bowl takes to cover the distance from delivery until it comes to rest 27m from the front of the mat. On fast greens, where the surface is dry and smooth, the arc travelled by the bowl will be large so the bowl will take longer to cover the distance, perhaps 15 to 20 seconds. On slow greens, where the ground may be soft and the grass more lush, the arc will be more narrow and the bowl will cover a more direct route to the jack taking less time, perhaps 12 seconds.


What are the responsibilities of skips in a game of bowls?

Law 37    Responsibilities of the Skip  (abbreviated) 
The skip will have sole charge of the team and all players in the team should follow the skipís instructions. The skip should decide all disputed points with the opposing skip. If the skips cannot reach agreement on any disputed point, they should ask the umpire to make a decision. The umpireís decision is final. If there is no umpire, the skips should choose a competent neutral person to act as the umpire.

Skips can, at any time, delegate their own powers and any of their own duties to any other members of the team as long as they tell the opposing skip immediately.

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I used to have a handle on life, but it broke.  

Don't take life too seriously; No one gets out alive.

Taradale Bowls Twilight Triples
TUI - Proud Sponsors of Taradale Bowls Twilight Triples
(2 Bowls - Hetero )
Starts Wednesday 20 January
 and runs for 8 Weeks
Games commence @ 5.30p.m.

Cost  $5 per person per night

ENTRY FORM - to print off an entry form click

Entries should be in by 16th January

Cory Dave, Gig     Alan, Morrie Russell, Richard

Bowls on TV

17/01/2010              21:30            SKY Sport 2      

Monday 18th January     11.00am             Sky Sport 1 (HD)

20/01/2010              20:00            SKY Sport 1             

21/01/2010              18:00            SKY Sport 3             

22/01/2010              02:30            SKY Sport 1             

22/01/2010              14:00            SKY Sport 2             

22/01/2010              20:00            SKY Sport 1             

23/01/2010              05:00            SKY Sport 2             

27/01/2010              20:00            SKY Sport 1             Mates In Bowls

28/01/2010              18:00            SKY Sport 3             Mates In Bowls

29/01/2010              00:00            SKY Sport 1             Mates In Bowls

30/01/2010              03:00            SKY Sport 2             Mates In Bowls

31/01/2010              05:30            SKY Sport 1             Mates In Bowls

Keeping track of the weather can often be a nuisance. Some of you might have forgotten there is a link to Napier weather forecast in the top RH corner of this page. It breaks the weather down into 3 hour segments.



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