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Newsletter 32  -  26 April 2010

This will be my last newsletter for the season. I have enjoyed putting each one together and judging by your comments throughout the season they have proved informative, entertaining and worthwhile. Les Stuart spent many hours taking photos and these helped liven up the written text. Others sent stories, anecdotes, information or made corrections. I wont mention names for fear of omitting anyone but all were appreciated.

We belong to a club every member can feel proud of. Much of that is because we have very few passengers. People volunteer readily, members are interested in each other and take pride in the achievements of our bowling family. Thank you to our hard working committee members, to those who look after the greens, to the raffle ladies, to those who run Championships, the volunteer markers, the people who take entries and do all the chasing up to make competitions run smoothly, the many who made this year's gala so successful  .... and the list goes on. No club is perfect but Bowls Taradale must surely be up there with the best.

Enjoy the winter months. Some will take time to have a spell, others will travel (ash clouds permitting!!) while many will continue winter bowling. Whatever category you fall into I hope you enjoy the next few months and come back with renewed enthusiasm for the start of the 2010-2011 season.

Winter Season Friday Hetero Triples Tournaments
These will begin on Friday 14th May, Mufti, 12.00 p.m. start.
Entries to Lois 8446121.
Lois will take  a season entry, on the condition that, if for any reason your team cannot "front" you are responsible for finding a replacement team. Our suggestion to help overcome this is that you have a "base" of at least 4 players to cover for the inevitable unavailability of a member and work a rotation "stand down" turn. We think you will find that if it is your turn to stand down, there will be another team looking for a "fill in". This way Lois is able to plan confidently, and arrange greens and cards accordingly.
Winter Fill-ins
If you would like to play bowls occasionally over the winter but don't wish to tie yourself down to every Friday put your name on the sheet in the Club house.

It is not fair for skips to phone Lois when they are a player short. If skips make a list of those on the "fill-in" sheet it becomes much easier to get a replacement player when one is needed.

Closing Day
What a magnificent day to close the season on! Warm, sunny weather with just a hint of a breeze ensured a big turnout and everyone enjoyed the day. A social hour followed then the presentation of prizes and a shared meal.
Results from the last mini triples for the summer season
1st.             P.Thompson.J. Calnan. N. Hoare
2nd.            E. Parsons. D. Kaye. B. Mason
3rd.             G. de Ridder. R. Hoare. A. Simpson
Nominated game on A. Green.  .C. Downing. K. Hook. K. Holmes
Nomintaed game on B. green     F. Hosegood. D. Beveridge. J. Pritchard.
New Committee Members Needed (REMINDER)
Just a reminder that we only have a few weeks to our AGM (20 June) and we need to be looking at a full panel of applicants for committee etc. There are nomination forms on the club notice board. Please give serious thought to helping our club if you can find the time.

Headings on the Nomination Paper include:
President, Vice President (2), Secretary, Treasurer, Club Captain, Committee, Delegate (2)

Another milestone
Congratulations, Julie, on reaching another milestone. I ran out of fingers but ..... I know it is a very important one.

Your bowling friends wish you well and trust there will be many more to enjoy.


The Mens Open Pairs Champion of Champions Final
The Mens Open Pairs Champion of Champions Final between T Mairs/ C Bell (Omarunui) and M Glassey/P Selby (Heretaunga) was played at Bowls Napier yesterday.

(Bowls HB website)
An unofficial (usually reliable) source reports that Paul Selby & Murray Glassey (Bowls Heretaunga) defeated Ces Bell and Tony Mairs (Omarunui).


Bowls Hawke’s Bay
Independent Board Members

   Applications to be received no later than 15th May 2010  
(Three (3) positions)

Bowls Hawke’s Bay has six Board members. Three members retire by rotation each year. We wish to appoint three (3) Independent Board Members this year to contribute to the innovation, excitement and vibrancy of the area and to enhance the reputation of Bowls and the organisation.

For fuller details go to Bowls HB website (see link at top of page)

May 15 & 16 M - Jun. Rep. Hex - Wanganui
May 23 Prizegiving at Havelock North
Jun 26 AGM at Havelock Nth
Jun Junior M. Quadrangular at Hastings

1st - 2nd
MAY 2010

2 Sections at Heretaunga, Hastings and 2 Sections at Taradale

1 Omaranui Peter Shea Tony Mairs Dave Tod
2 Te Pohue Gerald Taylor Guy Taylor Warren McCarthy
3 Northern Palmerston Mere Fryer Kevin Suisted Gary Fryer
4 Riverside Dave Baettie Bobbie Beattie Tanya Harrison
5 Takaro Laurie Gordon Barry Wynks Terry Curtis
6 Northern   Lynlea Rogers Neil Gordon Cameron Nairn
7 Northern Chris Quinn Ray Lovie Pat Baker
8 Bay View Marie Fenton Don Schofield Terry McGurk
9 Matua Norma Hines Dale Roderick Robyn Davis
10 Bay View Ron Joli Colin Salmon Russell Smith
11 Bowls Napier John Toa Steve Carlaw Craig Faulknor
12 Wairere Jim Gardner Gavin Matthews Barry Woodmass
13 Northern Carol Davidson Colin Lozwell John Hayes
14 Taradale Tony Blake Rolly Hoare Karen Grainger
15 Gisborne Steve Goldsbury Robin Jefferson Janet Munns
16 Bay View Lynnaire Hampton Bev Withers Judy Richards
17 Taradale Frank Grantham Ernie Freidlander Angela Boyd
18 Havelock North V Hirsch B Phillips P Hickman
19 Riverside Patricia Murton Murray Murton Brian Cairns
20 Taradale Bryan Gilbertson Ross Hamilton Jack Philip
21 Bay View Wayne Parker Mike Geldard Graham Gaut
22 Taradale Sherrill Taylor Paula Evans Pete Townrow
23 Terrace End Graham Gosnell Pauline Rogers Shane Rogers
24 Napier Bowls K O'Neill K Ives R Palmer
25 Taradale Chris Downing Allan Boardman Dave Roberts
26 Bowls Napier Peter Cronin Paul Sorenson Perry Fidanis
27 Northern Feona Sayles Davud Cross Ben Hamilton
28 Taradale John Ward Bob Mason Fay Johnson
29 Bay View Glen Allen Diane Ziddich Joe Johanson
30 Napier Bowls Jim Hagan Bob Strahl Nick Fidanis
31 Island Bay B F Henderson M O'Brien I Franklin
32 Taradale Morris Williams John Hanlen John McLaughlin
33 Taradale B Brook P Young G Ngametua
34 Havelock North Sue Belcher Robin Martin Dot Palmer
35 Northern Bowls Martin Hammond Tui Niwa Kay Hammond
36 Rotorua East Bowls Morgan Solomon Mary Solomon Ann Rika
37 Napier Bowls Ken Smith Bill Edwards Clifford Marshall
38 Northern Bowls Noeleen Elston Viv Lozell Jan Bailey
39 Northern Bowls Marlene Brown Lindsay Elston Harold Bailey
40 Napier Bowls Raelene Cronin Olga Taylor Michael Brown
41 Heretaunga Bowls Murray Glassey Murray Hooper Chris Gibbs
42 Taradale Clark Nicol Jack Budge Phil Lamason
43 Taradale Ewen McLauchlan Lex Parsons Sheryl Glock
44 Omaranui Merle McLean Graham Keegan Regg Martin
45 Kia Toa John Young Mike Le Geyt Shane Rubay
46 Victoria/Eastbourne Lisa White Scott Roddick Tanya Wheeler
47 Nth Wairarapa Alan Rogers Pedro McGillicuedy Mere Nepia
48 Bayview K Robson P Bryant B Wakely
49 Bayview Jo Hayes   Louise Bateman
50 Bowls Napier Vickie Chrystall Kay Goldsworthy Chris Telford
51 Johnsonville Janet Nehemia Harry Kilmartin Naki Nehemai
52 National Service Bunny Kupa Bruce Mills Harry Mills
53 Stokes Valley Isabel Branton Sandy Robinson Gary Simpson
54 Stokes Valley Ben Young Brian Young Judy Davidson
55 Taita Ralph Vulu Lio Luka Alieta Vulu
56 Bowls Napier Doug Beveridge Dave Vanderweele Wanda Guatiere
57 Bayview Bill Buchan Dave Porteous Scott Martin
58 Bayview Diane Bentley Mary-Jane Rickard Eva Kura
59 Kahutia / Gisborne B Allen V Marshall J Williams
60 Heretaunga Bowls Paul Harrison Jane Patterson Paul Selby
61 Taradale Allan Simpson Barry Bretherton Rob Oates
62 Gisborne Pat O'Neill Millie Allen Adrienne Smiler
63 National Service Denise Thomas Gayle Lisa Carlson
64 Heretaunga Bowls Geraldine Kerley Pam Rowlands Peter Wester





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