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Newsletter No 1 - August 28th 2011


1.00 pm
Names in by 12.30 p.m.
$5.50 per person

Another season is about to start  ... 

There are a number of signs that make me feel confident that our club is in good shape. The large number of new bowlers who have joined our ranks is encouraging and positive. Their enthusiasm is infectious and their rapidly-improving skill levels make some of us jealous. Vickie McNamara, Graham Hocking and Wilma Ennor continued their coaching classes over the winter and all that I heard was so supportive; we must be doing the right thing. We are fortunate to have people with such commitment and dedication.

Some of our members were not well over the winter. We hope they have recovered fully or are feeling much better. The concern for one another that I see and hear makes me feel proud I belong to such a caring community.

The AGM was well attended, vocal and positive. A special "thank you" to the generous people (committee, selectors, umpires, coaches) who give their time and talents so generously - your club owes you. There was mention during the meeting that our Constitution needed an overhaul (will probably be completed before Christmas). Did you know there is a link to our Constitution on the top line of this page?

Over the winter months we congratulated the likes of Bev Stuart, Lois Hook and Craig Ennor for reaching birthday milestones. There may be others I missed out on but I am dependent on "bush telegraph" for keeping me up to date. Betty and Bert Boddington's Diamond Wedding was a real milestone and we all rejoice with and congratulate the happy couple and their family.

The Friday Winter Bowls programme was fully attended as Hawkes Bay's winter and our artificial bowling surfaces make us the envy of many a bowling club. The Over 65's Pairs, Triples and Fours sponsored by Summerset Village, Merlot Drive, was a new initiative. Members spoke to one another about how much they enjoyed the competition and each tournament was well supported. Another new event on our calendar was the Alzheimers Two Bowl Triples. Teams from Havelock North, Hastings and Napier testified to the popularity of this occasion. The permanent inclusion of these events in our winter programme will be a popular choice. Popular also was the full-day Lawson Robinson 2.4.2 mixed pairs. Full greens and beautiful sunny weather helped make this an enjoyable day.

Early in August Dave Henderson organised a "familiarisation" meeting for our new bowlers - 40+ bowlers attended. Club coaches, selectors and umpires all gave input and the numerous questions that were asked all showed how interested and interesting our club has become. Congratulations Dave on getting this new event off the ground.

Noel Wheeler passed away several weeks ago. When I joined Bowls Taradale nine years ago Noel was one of the regular bowlers at our club. Most afternoons Noel could be seen on the bowling green (along with Gordon Williams, Denis Standring, Terry Shakeshaft and others). Noel loved Frank Sinatra, always had a story to tell or a joke to share and was eager to help new bowlers. I played often with Noel and recall many pleasant afternoons in his company. Rest in peace, Noel.

Bay View Bowling Club has a new website. You can check it (and other local bowling clubs) by using the links just below the top photo.

Kia Toa now has a new Tiger Turf synthetic bowling green.

I have just gone through my email list to try to bring it up to date. By my unofficial reckoning we have 186 members (127 men and 59 women). On my email list there are 120 email addresses (but 21 of those belong to "bowling couples"). That means our emails reach 141 of our 185 members. One of our members offered to give me stamps so I could post a copy of the newsletter. That offer was withdrawn after I said a copy goes up each week on the Notice Board (and has done so for years!!!) Please remind those without email that a copy of each newsletter is posted on the club Notice Board each week and old copies are kept in a folder in the shed.

These are the selected players for the sevens teams for this season.
Team 1.         Singles    A. Boyd
                    Pairs       C. Ferrick   B. Exeter 
                    Fours.     S .Brock  C. Glock  A. Dempsey  M. Fenton 

Team 2.         Singles     C. McLaughlin 
                    Pairs.       F. Johnson  W. Gautieri 
                    Fours       D. Girvan M. Turner  S. Goffin  C. Simpson

A truck driver was driving along on the highway.
A sign comes up that reads "Low bridge ahead."
Before he knows it the bridge is right ahead of him and he gets stuck.
Cars are backed up for miles.

Finally, a police car comes up. The cop gets out of his car and walks around to the truck driver, puts his hands on his hips and says, "Got stuck huh?"

The truck driver says, "No, I was delivering this bridge and ran out of gas." 


A and B have gone!
We have been fortunate enough to get naming rights to our two greens.
A-Green will be referred to as Tamatea Pak'nSave B-Green will be referred to as HBS Bank

Do I throw myself off a cliff ... or share this with you?
At a recent coaching clinic Vickie McMamara, one of our club coaches, pointed out that I was foot faulting (and I thought I was perfect!!) When I start my delivery I sometimes have the heel of my anchor foot off the mat - and I bet I am not the only one!

Law 20.1 Before delivery a player should be standing on the mat with one foot fully on the
At the moment they deliver the jack or a bowl, the player should have all or
part of one foot on or above the mat

Courtesy Bowls Sunnybrae website

On bowling days on various greens
Peculiar sounds and sometimes screams
To passers-by it might sound strange
To hear the remarks we bowlers exchange

Where do you want it? Tickle it here...
To the unseen listener, this must sound queer
You've too much weight, but a very nice green
I like it, I like it, then a feminine scream

You're not up dear, try it again
This bowling lingo to me is quite plain
But the listeners can be excused if they giggle
When the Skip says I'd like one right up the middle

Don't touch the kitty, Oh Oh! You've got the jack
It shows just what happens on the mat
A voice is heard, you're making it tough
Put a bit on and be sure you're up

Bad luck you missed, but your weight was right
Ha ha, you're right - it's not too tight
Now follow him up, don't kill the end
I like your style - all the way - now bend

The Skip moves out to show the track
Now give me one around the back
Be sure you're there, don't touch the head
These are the phrases so often said

For it's all too true as you will find
But what must people think of us
When our lingo arouses no fuss
They probably think the tale is tall
But be assured, it's on the ball !


Most of you will know the laws which govern our sport were updated earlier this year.
If you want to view these updated laws you can download a copy and save it on your hard drive.
You have the option of downloading a copy using WORD (document format) or using Acrobat Reader (pdf file format).

To see the laws click the "WORLD BOWLS" image on the left


There is also a permanent link to the new laws from our Home Page (or see below)

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