Newsletter 01 -  25 August 2008

New Bowls Taradale  Website
I decided to design a new website and host it with Freehostia because there were some minor problems uploading files onto the old site (with 110MB).  If anyone wishes to access our old website there is a link above the "Results" button. There is also a link to the Mother Club if you want to use that. Don't forget to save this site as one of your favourites then when you want to bring it up again it becomes much easier. You may still have to refresh (or press F5) if the new information does not appear.



We Mourn The Passing of Miriam, Bob, Terry, Brian

Let us take a few moments to remember four of our club members who passed away since the close of last season. Each member brings a different personality, involvement and commitment to our club. Some members touch us more than others - but each is important and we mourn their passing.

Miriam Falloon R.I.P.  5/4/08 Bob Gray R.I.P. 17/5/08 Terry Christensen  R.I.P.  3/7/08 Brian Goffin  R.I.P.  1/8//08
We Need To Change
The following few lines  were copied from the Bowls NZ. They contain food for thought - and ACTION.
We have experienced a decline of 30% in our membership base since 1996 and a large majority of our bowling clubs are hurting. Approximately 81% of our bowling clubs have less than 100 members. As a sport, we cannot afford to keep travelling the same path.

Bowls NZ"s vision is to be the best bowling country.  New Zealand has a long history of bowls and many of our bowling clubs throughout the country are over 100 years old. Our mission is to deliver an exceptional sporting experience that is enjoyable, entertaining and accessible to all New Zealanders.  At the last count in April 2006, an estimated 90,000 New Zealanders play bowls either socially or as a club member.

These figures are very unofficial
We have about 180 members - plus ??  school & associate members
Approx 120 men,  60 women
120 of our bowlers are on the internet (and I have still a few more names to check)

New Bowlers
For the benefit of new bowlers (and the not-so-new)
Roll-up on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays starts at 1.00 pm
Names are to be in by 12.45 pm

Congratulations Bowls Hawkes Bay
Bowls Hawkes Bay is one of the finalists in the "Centre of the Year" at the Bowls New Zealand awards to be announced September 6/7 in Wellington
Havelock North and Bowls Manawatu have new websites
Two local clubs now have websites. Bowls Heretaunga has had a site for several years but the Bowls Havelock North's website is brand new. If you get the opportunity congratulate the club members (especially Ian Herbert and Yvonne Hunt) for getting their website off the ground. Two other clubs, Bay View and Wairere, are working on theirs. I think the Bowls Manawatu website is also quite new.

To see each site click the following  links.
Bowls Heretaunga
Bowls Havelock North
Bowls Manawatu
If you want to revisit these sites save them as your Favourites. There are links to Heretaunga and Havelock North at the top of this page.

Hawkes Bay Centre Events For 2008 - 2009 Season
If you want to enter any HB Centre events this season the annual HB Centre Programme is now listed on the Bowls Hawkes Bay website. To see all the details click the Bowls Hawkes Bay link at the top of this page. Here is part of that programme list

10 Wed Centre Opening, Executive Fours
27 Sat Junior 5 X 5 Mixed
28 Sun Junior 5 X 5 Mixed
4.5 Sat/Sun Junior (under fives) Pairs (M & W)
6.7 Mon/Tue Women's Moira Smyth 2x4x2 
11.12 Sat/Sun Tong Cup Hetero 2x4x2
13.14 Mon/Tue Women's Southern 3 Bowl Triples
13 Mon Men's Gardner Shield
20 Mon Men's Gardner Shield
27 Mon H.B. Rep Trial Day

Coffee Morning & Jewellery Presentation
Wednesday Aug.27th @ 10.00a.m.  at  Taradale Club Dining Room   Cost: $5.00 per person
This includes morning tea and the opportunity to view & purchase jewellery from Australasia’s premier provider of distinctive fashion jewellery. Please come along and help us raise some funds for our new “B” Green.  To assist us with catering, could you please register your intention of attending with one of the following:
Lilian Baird – 844 4989   or   Del Girven – 844 3991   or   Wilma Ennor – 844 0401
Perhaps You Are Famous
or, maybe someone's past is catching up with them. Anyhow, we have received an email from the Worthing Pavilion Bowling Club in Sussex, England. Obviously they have found our site and have asked us to put a link to theirs. If you are interested in seeing what they have to offer click here
What Are Bowls Made Of And What Makes Them Turn?
Lawn bowls today are made from a hard plastic called Phenolformaldehyde, they are perfectly round one way and oval shaped the other. The bias is produced by making the bowl lopsided, however it is so minute that it can't be seen with the naked eye. When the bowl is delivered along its running surface, there is sufficient momentum to keep it running straight along its course. As the bowl slows down it attempts to find its true centre of balance, forcing it to curve. The running surface of the bowl is the part of the bowl which is in contact with the green when in motion.

Every bowl has an emblem engraved on each side. One side has a small emblem with the bowl's size, weight, serial number & the manufacturer's stamp around it. The other side has the same emblem, but larger. The small side is the bias side. This means it is the side that it will turn towards when in motion.

Bowl Sizes
Lawn bowl sizes range from size 00 through to size 7. Only 1 to 2 millimetres in diameter separates the sizes of bowls, the differences are small but considerable when gripping various sized bowls. 

Markings On Bowls

I heard someone the other day ask what the markings in the WB stamp imprinted on the side of a bowl meant. WB refers to World Bowls Ltd. R in a circle is a registered design of the World Bowls Ltd. Initial [eg. N for Henselite] is the code for whom the stamp is issued - a manufacturer/tester. The number is the year of expiry of the stamp. eg.15 expires on 30-12-2015

Why Not Buy A Piece of History?

We are relaying "B" Green in early September and now you have the chance to purchase a strip of the existing green. The existing turf will be picked up on the 2nd/3rd September and strips of 6 by 3 metres will be available at $15 each. The surface will be ideal for covering Garage Floors, Children's Play Areas or Concrete Pathways. If you are interested in purchasing one or more strips please contact Dave Jenkins 8440449
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