Newsletter 02 -  1 September 2008

Thank You Julie Haslett / Maree Turner
One of the great strengths about Bowls Taradale is the generosity of its members. People are only too willing to hold up their hand and volunteer where they can. Julie Haslett and Maree Turner are two such people. Thank you Julie and Maree for all the hard work you did over the winter in organising the Friday Triples. From a player's perspective the afternoons always ran smoothly but there must have been times when you felt like tearing your hair out. It seemed to us that everyone turned up who was meant to turn up and the whole winter competition went like clockwork. Thank you from all of us.

Opening Day
Saturday was overcast and cold yet the large number of enthusiastic bowlers who turned up for Opening Day was impressive. Dave Kaye welcomed everyone for the new season, introduced the new club members who were present and wished everyone well for the season. Scotty (Life Member) Burton then rolled up the first kitty and Richard Hocking (youngest member) rolled the first bowl. Two sessions of triples followed before everyone retired to the Taradale Club for a social hour and light meal. Thank you to all who helped make the day go smoothly and enjoyable.

New members who were present for the afternoon included; Margaret Packe, Mike Downing, Ernie Friedlander, Geoff Taylor, Barry Gardner and Kevin Ives

New members - Mike,   Barry,   Kevin,   Margaret,   Geoff


Scotty Burton - 1st jack

Richard Hocking - 1st bowl

Mandy, Barbara, Cheryl in Hawkes Bay u/5 Women's Team
Congratulations to all those women (especially Mandy, Barbara and Cheryl) selected to play in the u/5 Intercentre Hexagonal in Wanganui on 6/7 Sept.
Mandy Boyd,  Barbara Exeter, Cheryl Glock,  Judy Richards, Mere Nepia, Louise Bateman, Morag Lush, Litia Faiumu, Merle McLean, Ngaire McKinley

The Jewellery Coffee morning exceeded expectations! We had 59 guests in attendance and they thoroughly enjoyed their morning tea prior to the main event - thankyou very much to Lilian and to those who donated "fillings - for  her team of sandwich makers". We had a varied guest list - members of other bowling clubs, members from our Mother Club, relatives and some of our Mother Club staff. Brenda helped us all with getting ready for the morning as well.
Our two presenters gave us a very good introduction to the jewellery and the many and varied ways it could enhance "the beauty" of all of the women there. There were good sales and the Jewellery firm gave us a very fine set (value $205.00) to raffle. With the entry fee, the raffle, and our share of the profit made from sales, the "New Green Fund" was increased by $761.00. Well done and congratulations Ladies. And .... we raise our hats to Bruce Baikie, the only true blooded English male prepared to "front up". Well done Bruce - our congratulations to you  for trying to help us! 
Thank you all, from the Team of "Little?" Jewels.

Hear ye! Hear ye!
President Dave

Thank you Fay
for all the work you do
especially with the raffles

with Craig's empties, and
... there were more!

Brenda, Lois
Les, John, Bev, Bruce

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One easy way is to hold down the CTRL key and at the same time press  
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Do You Want Coaching Lessons?  - 
(Tuesday Mornings in September)

In the past few weeks I have been told several people wanted coaching lessons but no one seemed available. In an effort to address this I will be free to coach anyone for the next five Tuesday mornings (10.00 am - 11.30 am)  The time will not suit everyone but it suits me!
If you want to take up the offer please phone me on 8444126 - no phone call / no coaching.
I don't want to go down and wait around if no one turns up. If there is a demand I will consider extending the lessons. My intention is to do something on technique, suggest some training exercises and talk about  tactics.

There are others in our club who completed the same coaching course I did. If any of them want to do some coaching just let me know what day and what time suits them and I will publish it in the next newsletter.

Choice of Bowl Crucial to Success – The bowls I use are size 4 and they have the letters XH next to the number 4. Do you know what “XH” stands for? There are two bowl sizes smaller than size 1. Do you know what they are called? What is the largest bowl size?

XH means “extra heavy”
Sizes are: 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Bowls range in size from size 00 (smallest) to size 7, and there will be a size that is correct for your hand.  It is very important that a bowls fits snugly within the palm of your hand using your preferred grip. They can be either medium or heavy in weight, they can be regular or slim in their diameter.  All of these variables combine to make your choice of bowl crucial to your future success.

Old Bowl

Bowls here show the older 6 sided BB stamp
and the newer oval rugby football shape signifying the new testing rules introduced 1/04/2002.

R = registered trademark of WB
WB = World Bowls Ltd
X = makers assigned identification
14 = date stamp legal period up to year 2014
i.e. set made in 2005
other numbers i.e.V7-3771= makers serial no.

Current manufacturers:

X=Drakes Pride Liverpool UK
A= Taylor Bowls/ Greenmaster UK
N & K= Henselite Australia

New Bowl

Placing The Mat
There must be a minimum of 2m between the ditch and the mat - but is it between the ditch and  the front edge of the mat, or  the ditch and the rear edge of the mat?  

LAW 19   Placing the mat
Before the start of play in each end, the player to play first should place the centre line of the mat lengthwise along the centre line of the rink, with the mat line at least 2 metres from the rear ditch and at least 25 metres from the front ditch.
Mat line means the edge of the mat nearest to the front ditch.  All measurements involving the mat and a jack or a bowl will be taken from the centre of the mat line.

Be Mindful of Your Opponents -
People play bowls for enjoyment and it will be more pleasurable if they are mindful of their opponents. Be ready. Always be on time for the start of play and for the start of each game. Start and finish a game with a handshake.

Lady bowlers come and go
Dress rules go on forever
How dare you try to make a change
No never, never, never.

The men think we are a joke
and look like mobs of sheep
With madam snapping at our heels
It's to the rules you'll keep.

The young are keen to play the game
But won't of course unless
We put some colour on our frame
And try to change our dress.

The men indeed have got more sense
Their rules are not so stuffy
They have more fun and play the game
you've guessed it; dressed in 'mufti'.

Be Positive
Life's battles don't always go
To the stronger or faster man
But sooner or later the man who wins
Is the man who thinks he can win

Remember this?
We are relaying "B" Green in early September and now you have the chance to purchase a strip of the existing green. The existing turf will be picked up on the 2nd/3rd September and strips of 6 by 3 metres will be available at $15 each. The surface will be ideal for covering Garage Floors, Children's Play Areas or Concrete Pathways. If you are interested in purchasing one or more strips please contact Dave Jenkins 8440449

Three people phoned in as a result of the newsletter to add their names to those "already on the list". There may still be some green left so if you are interested phone now.

From Bowls NZ
We are pleased to recognise the following finalists for the 2007-2008 Bowls NZ National Bowls Awards.  The winners will be announced at the Bowls NZ National Bowls Awards on the evening of Saturday 6 September at the Mercure Hotel Willis Street, Wellington.

Centre of the Year - Bowls Canterbury, Bowls Waikato , Bowls Hawkes Bay
TOWER Club of the Year - Burnside Bowling Club, Kaitaia Combined Bowling Club, Mairangi Bay Bowling Club, Poverty Bay Bowling Club

Please do not leave your bowling bag on the seat

I have been asked to say ....... don't you love it when you hear those words?  ......... and I wont tell you who from!
but .. when you are playing games would you please try to remember to put your bowling bags underneath, or behind, the seats - not on the seats. Thanks