Newsletter 07 -  6 October 2008

New B Green In Use
Last Friday in the Open Over 60's Hetero Triples our new green was used for the first time and came through with flying colours. Although the surface was heavy, as you might expect from a brand new surface, it was also true. From here on it can only improve. Well done all those who worked on our new amenity.

2nd Twice
Last weekend saw Bowls Napier host the Men's and Women's Junior Pairs. In both events a Taradale team reached the finals but were pipped by Bay View. Congratulations to Bay View for setting a high standard - last week the Junior 5's and this week the Junior pairs. Congratulations also to our Taradale finalists; Mandy and Angela Boyd (women's final) and Russell Turner and Dave Jenkins (men's final).

Wise Words
What you are as a person is far more important that what you are as a bowler.
If you can't accept losing, you donít deserve to win.


Walk The Line
Donít encroach on the adjoining rink. When walking up the green try and keep to the middle. Remember other players on adjoining rinks.



Sue and Richard


Place anchor foot (R foot if a right hander) on centre of mat pointing along delivery line
Place lead foot (L foot) adjacent and parallel to anchor foot
Feet are hip-width apart and weight evenly distributed
Shoulders and hips square to the intended line
Body relaxed and upright
Anchor foot remains on mat during delivery
Most of the weight transfers to the lead foot as the bowler steps out to bowl

Baby Photos
  Where are they?    

Skip to lead: Good bowl! You just need a bit more grass and a bit more weight.

Skip to Second: You need to change your hand, and put on a foot!

Second: 'Which is the danger bowl?'

Skip to Second: 'The one youíre holding.Ē

The Law

Do You Have To Mark Every Toucher?
Law 25        Marking a toucher
If, in the opinion of either skip or opponent or the marker, a toucher comes to rest in a position in which marking it would be likely to move the bowl or alter the head, the bowl should not be marked but nominated as a toucher instead.  

When Is A Toucher Not A Toucher?
A bowl, which is not a toucher, comes into contact with the jack in the ditch. Can that bowl now be deemed a toucher? 

Law 24        Touchers

No bowl will be a toucher if it plays onto, or comes into contact with, the jack when the jack is in the ditch.


Photo Gallery
Bryan and John Bernie, Dave, Eddie Mike
Bowling makes you hungry - so does waiting for Del and Fay One of the last games played on the old B-Green Russell, Colin, Dave
6.7       Mon/Tue     Women's Moira Smyth 2x4x2
11.12    Sat/Sun     Tong Cup Hetero 2x4x2
13        Mon            Gardner Shield
13.14    Mon/Tue     Women's Southern 3 Bowl Triples
20        Mon            Gardner Shield
27        Mon            HB v Wairarapa

Enter Now - Closing Soon
28 October - Men's Open Pairs
29 October - Women's Open Pairs

Bowls Hawkes Bay
Results of Junior 5's
Bay View Bowling Club won the first Centre event of the 2008/9 season by winning the Junior 5X5 for the second consecutive year. Congratulations Bay View.

Other News
Happy Birthday, Fay
This was one of those "special" birthdays that I referred to in my last newsletter. Although it was a few days ago all your bowling mates hope you had a great birthday, Fay. Looking at some of the photos I wonder if I should also put them on YouTube. Thanks, Val.
Bowls Collector
I never cease to be amazed by man's ingenuity. This photo was sent to me by Merilyn Dine - and I imagine not very many of our bowlers would have seen something quite like it.

Hi John
I took this photo at Plymouth in England. It is a gadget for gathering up the bowls at the end of the head. Saves the feet and the back! 

Turkey Award
For being the 1st to put down a wrong bias on our brand new green - Well done, Anne Dempsey.
2nd prize (small turkey)
Closely followed by Dave Jones - anything the girls can do the men can do also!!
Sat/Sun Oct 18-19 Men's Championship Fours @ 8.30 am



Women's Championship Singles @ 8.30 am
Fri Oct 31 Open Mini hetero triples
  Closing Soon
Oct 16th - Men's Championship Fours
Oct 16th - Women's Championship Singles

Wednesday Twilight Bowls (5.30 pm start)
The highly successful Tui Triples is going to be run again on Wednesday nights starting 22nd October and running for 8 weeks finishing the night of the 10th December. It is a great night for competitive or social bowls Ė what ever suits! 

To print off an entry form click here   Entry forms are also available from the Club house or see Brenda Thorby at the Taradale Club.

Bowls For Sale
Black Classic 2
Size 3
Extra Heavy
$100 o.n.o.
Phone Wendy 8448396

This Week
6.7       Mon/Tue     Women's Moira Smyth 2x4x2
11.12    Sat/Sun     Tong Cup Hetero 2x4x2

Good luck to our members who will be taking part in these two events