Newsletter 08 -  13 October 2008


Saturday 25th October 2008

Hetero 3 Bowl Triples Tournament 10.00am to 4.00pm

Conditions of Play
4 games of 8 ends or 1hour 10 minutes.
2 games on each green.
Dress code WHITES
Entry Fee $10.00(to include lunch) per person.
It will be single entry with teams being drawn on Friday 24th October 2008.

Will all those Club Members interested in playing put their names on sheet “A” in the Bowling Shed or Telephone Lois Hook on 844 6121; please state your playing preference skip/two/lead.

We appreciate that some members may only wish to participate from 12.00noon to 3.00pm, and would therefore ask these Club Members to place their names on sheet “B” in the Bowling Shed or also Telephone Lois Hook on 844 6121 to enter.
The fee for this mini competition will also be $10.00 to cover the cost of the lunch.

Closing date for entries 23rd October 2008.


Wednesday Twilight Bowls (5.30 pm start)
Over $2000 in prizes is being offered for the highly successful Tui Triples starting 22nd October and running for 8 weeks finishing the night of the 10th December. It is a great night for competitive or social bowls – what ever suits! Because our new green is now available we can take more entries so why not make up a team and enter. There is still time - but don't delay.

To print off an entry form click here   Entry forms are also available from the Club house or see Brenda Thorby at the Taradale Club.


Moira Smyth 2.4.2
This popular women's event took place last Monday and Tuesday at Havelock North. What an outstanding achievement for two of our youngest bowlers, Mandy and Angela Boyd. Only two days previously they reached the final of the Junior Women's Pairs and succumbed but in the Moira Smyth 2.4.2 they came out full of determination, bowled superbly and won the title. Congratulations Mandy and Angela.

1st,  Mandy and Angela Boyd - Taradale    2nd, Olga Taylor and Raelene Cronin - Napier
Plate event, 1st Peg O'Dowd and Mere Nepia (Composite), 2nd Lorraine Beaufort and Coral Johnstone (Port Ahuriri)

Tong Cup
The Juniors have featured strongly in the news so far this season. The Tong Cup (hetero 2.4.2 for Junior bowlers) was contested on the weekend with 10 players from Bowls Taradale taking part and Havelock North acting as host. The very heavy nature of Havelock's new greens caught quite a few out but six of our bowlers still made Post-section play; Dave Roberts & Morrie Shirley, Russell Turner & Barbara Exeter, Pete Townrow and Sherrill Taylor.

None of our bowlers reached the finals but each can feel pleased to have taken part and done their best. The final was a Bay View tussle. Graham and Anne Gaut beat Kevin Barron (Sneak) and Graham Walker. Congratulations Graham and Anne.

Wise Words

Be a Supporter
Anyone can support a team that is winning but to stand behind a team when it is down and really needs you takes a lot of courage.

Gee, Ray, are all those glasses yours?  

Fay, Max, Tom

On The Head
Stand at least two metres behind the bowls on the head making sure you do not kick any bowls accidentally – if so, your opposing player replaces it.

You can indicate with your foot where you want the bowl to finish but remove your foot as soon as the bowl is greened.

Stand still till the players have delivered their bowls.

John & Jim



The Follow Through
A number of players develop bad habits at the bowl release and the follow through. Correct follow through is important to maintain consistency of line and speed. Comfort and control are important. 

  •  Arm follows along intended line of delivery with palm to heaven and head still

  • Lock the wrist and elbow 

  • Stay low during delivery with body moving forward after you release the bowl 

  • Transfer weight to front foot


Ode to a Green Keeper
He stood before the Pearly Gates
His face was lined and old.
He looked up to the form of Grace
And asked admittance to the Fold.

“What have you done ?” The good Lord said
“To gain admission here.”
He said, “ I have been a Green Keeper
For many and many a year.”

The Pearly Gates swung open wide
Saint Peter rang the bell.
“Come in and choose your harp my friend
You have had your share of Hell !!”


The Law

Playing Someone Else’s Bowl
A few weeks ago I was in a game where a person played someone else’s bowl.  Is it legal - and what if it touches the jack?
Law 47.2     Playing another player’s bowl
1. If a player plays another player’s bowl instead of their own, the other player’s bowl should be replaced with the player’s own bowl.
2. If the bowl which was replaced was marked or nominated as a toucher, the player’s own bowl should be marked or nominated as a toucher. 

  During the Junior pairs, a week ago, all teams were given two sheets of paper with the following message: "These laws are ones we feel that Junior bowlers, and others, need to know to make the game more enjoyable for all." (I will include some of these laws over the next few weeks)

Law35        Possession of the Rink 

  1. Possession of the rink will belong to the player or team whose bowl is being played.

  2. As soon as each bowl comes to rest, possession of the rink will transfer to the opposing player or team after allowing time for marking a toucher as soon as it comes to rest.

  3. On end changeovers, do not walk in front of the player whose bowl is in motion until it has come to rest, as this player/team still has possession of the rink. The player may give you permission to do so, up until then you are to follow behind them.


Photo Gallery
Betty, Fay, Diane Roly, peter, John Les, Anne, Nancy
Michael, Ivy "I'm sure I can see her out there," says Paula to Lois You seldom see Bruce without a smile on his face
13         Mon            Gardner Shield
13.14    Mon/Tue     Women's Southern 3 Bowl Triples
20         Mon            Gardner Shield
27         Mon            HB v Wairarapa

Enter Now - Closing Soon
28 October - Men's Open Pairs
29 October - Women's Open Pairs

Girvan & Forsyth Head To California
Black Jack heroes from the World Championships, Richard Girvan and Ali Forsyth, will prove that bowls is truly a world-wide game when the Kiwi bowling nomads take part in an invitation tournament in Southern California next week.

Trans Tasman Series
LOW-KEY Brisbane club Hendra Nundah has hit the big time with selection by Bowls Australia to host the Trans Tasman series in March. It is the first time in memory the annual series against the Kiwis, involving men's and women's open and under-25 teams and an under-18 side, has been held in Queensland.
To read more visit the Bowls NZ site (see link above)

Bowls Hawkes Bay
Gardner Shield starts today (Monday 13th) @ Bowls Taradale. Players are to wear whites and games begin at 1.30 pm
Round 1 - Taradale v Wairere  

The following teams were announced by P Thomson
Team 1: D Jenkins, J Speakman, B Gilbertson
Team 2: R Turner, J McLaughlin, R Falvey

Sat/Sun Oct 18-19 Men's Championship Fours @ 8.30 am



Women's Championship Singles @ 8.30 am
Fri Oct 31 Open Mini hetero triples
Closing This Week
Oct 16th - Men's Championship Fours
Oct 16th - Women's Championship Singles

Richard & Scotty

Bowls For Sale
Black Classic 2
Size 3
Extra Heavy
$100 o.n.o.
Phone Wendy 8448396

This Week
Oct 13.14    Mon/Tue     Women's Southern 3 Bowl Triples at Napier  9.00 am start.
Good luck to Karen Grainger's team in this event.