Newsletter 09 -  20 October 2008

B Green

Saturday 25th October 2008

Hetero 3 Bowl Triples Tournament 10.00am to 4.00pm

Conditions of Play
4 games of 8 ends or 1hour 10 minutes.
2 games on each green.
Dress code WHITES
Entry Fee $10.00(to include lunch) per person.
It will be single entry with teams being drawn on Friday 24th October 2008.

Will all those Club Members interested in playing put their names on sheet “A” in the Bowling Shed or Telephone Lois Hook on 844 6121; please state your playing preference skip/two/lead.

We appreciate that some members may only wish to participate from 12.00noon to 3.00pm, and would therefore ask these Club Members to place their names on sheet “B” in the Bowling Shed or also Telephone Lois Hook on 844 6121 to enter.
The fee for this mini competition will also be $10.00 to cover the cost of the lunch.

Closing date for entries 23rd October 2008.


This Wednesday - Twilight Bowls (5.30 pm start)
Over $2000 in prizes is being offered for the highly successful Tui Triples starting this Wednesday 22nd October and running for 8 weeks finishing the night of the 10th December.


Women's Championship Singles
Last Saturday saw the women playing off in the Championship Singles. Good entries, competitive bowlers and some outstanding play made for an enjoyable spectacle for those who could come and watch. By Saturday's close Sue Brock and Mandy Boyd were the only players with two lives intact. One lifers included Paula Evans, Julie Haslett and Angela Boyd. Conditions on Sunday were cold and wintry which made concentration more difficult. In the end it was the consistent play of Mandy Boyd and Julie Haslett which saw them play off for the title. Congratulations Mandy on a well deserved win. You were a worthy opponent, Julie. Well done for finishing runner-up.

Men's Championship Fours
This event took place at the same time as the Women's Singles. More time will be needed to finalise this Championship but again the standard was high and it was particularly encouraging to see new bowlers taking part. By the close of Day 1 two teams were left with two lives; Phil Young's team and Barry Hanlen's. Five teams had one life - skips were Rolly Hoare, Murray Glassey, Bruce Mitchell, Peter Fletcher and Lex Parsons. Despite Sunday's miserable weather those who braved the elements witnessed a high standard of bowling. By the close of play two teams were left. Phil Young's team (Phil, Frank Grantham, Graeme "Pedro" Pedersen, Lucky Roberts) still has two lives. Barry Hanlen's team (Barry, John Hanlen, Morris Williams, John McLaughlin) has one life. These two teams will play off for the title at a date yet to be announced.

Women's Southern 3 Bowl Triples
This two-day event was played last Monday and Tuesday. The Bowls Taradale team of Sue Brock, Karen Grainger and Wilma Ennor won The Plate - well done!

Wise Words

Compete Against Yourself
Compete against yourself and improve. You have no control over what the other bowler does. You only have control over what you do. Be better than you were the day before.

Champions keep practising until they get it right.  

When An End Is Killed
Please carry the bowls when returning them after a killed end.  Do not kick them up the green. Bowls should not be dropped on the green.


The Bowling Action “Pendulum Swing”
Swing bowling arm down and back as you step forward and lower the body
Swing arm forward as the heel of the leading foot makes contact with the surface
Delivery arm is straight
Release bowl when
- directly below shoulder and
- alongside toe of leading foot
Slide non-bowling arm down to rest on thigh
Bowling arm follows through with palm facing upwards. Keep head still
Stay down – move forward – stand up slowly
Watch the bowl till it stops

 I will have to settle down;
 Play the game my skippers way;
 Because we're playing championships;
 He won't let me drive today.

 He will stand at the other end;
 Smile at me for sure;
 And say I'm hoping mate;
 You won't drive any more.

 I am tempted by the bowl;
 That sits there on the jack;
 I know it needs a little knock;
 Or, perhaps a heavy wack.
 I wish I was allowed;
 To drive at it some way;
 Bash it off the bowling green;
 And win this game today.

 I stand there on the mat;
 With a look he really knows;
 Just waiting for the skip to say;
 "Why not have a go!"

Baby photos
Now that we have started - keep them coming!


Find the answers at the end of this newsletter

Who am I?
I was not born in Napier
Who am I?
I was 10 lbs at birth!

The Law

During the HB Junior pairs all teams were given two sheets of paper with the following message: "These laws are ones we feel that Junior bowlers, and others, need to know to make the game more enjoyable for all."

Law 36.1       Position of Players in relation to rink of play

Players at the mat end of the rink who are not playing a bowl should stand at least 1 metre behind the mat.

Players at the head end of the rink who are not controlling play should stand:

 behind the jack and away from the head

on surrounds of green if jack is in ditch

well clear of head if not possible to stand on surrounds.

If at any time you feel like sitting down  DO NOT sit on the bank as this is the official playing field. If you are not a Director of the head stand well clear preferably on the bank.

Photo Gallery
  Barbara, Shirley  
Maureen, Adrienne, Lex Colleen gets paid to laugh at my jokes Ivy, Michael, Les, Anne, John
20         Mon            Gardner Shield
27         Mon            HB v Wairarapa

3           Mon         Men's Gardner Shield
8.9        Sat/Sun    Men's and Women's Open Pairs
10         Mon         Men's Gardner Shield     Mon/Thu        Women's North Island Chartered Clubs
17         Mon         Men's Gardner Shield
18         Tue          Umpires Hetero Three Bowls Triples
22.23    Sat/Sun    HB v Gisborne East Coast
24         Mon         Men's Gardner Shield
29.30    Sat/Sun    Men's & Women's Open Singles

Forsyth, Girvan Beached at Newport
A shock loss against United States B cost the New Zealand pair, Richard Girvan and Ali Forsyth, any chance of snatching second place in the pairs round-robin, at the MAP International Bowls Tourney in Newport Beach, California, in the weekend.

Bowls Hawkes Bay
Gardner Shield
Continues each Monday. Players are to wear whites and games begin at 1.30 pm
Round 2 - Taradale v Port Ahuriri @ Bay View
1 v Wairere win loss      
2 v Port Ahuriri          

Fri Oct 31 Open Mini hetero triples
Sat/Sun 1-2 Men's Championship Singles
Sun 9 Men's Junior singles
Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu 10-11-12-13 Women's Chartered Clubs
Sat/Sun 15-16 Men's Championship Pairs
Sun 16 Women's Championship Triples
Sun 30 Men's Junior Singles,  Women's Junior Singles

Will it be Wet or Fine?
Do you ever use the weather link at the top of this page? If you use the "weather" link it gives you the weather in 3-hour segments;  eg. 6-9am light rain, 9-12noon heavier rain,
1-3pm clearing, 3-6pm fine
  Bottoms Don't Chip
It looks as if I get all the dirty jobs!
During last week a working bee cleaned, scraped, sanded and painted all the seats around both greens. It appears there was a lot of chipping on the seats probably because of bowls bags. If you can leave your bag on the ground when you take bowls out or when you put bowls into your bag your efforts would be appreciated. This will prevent chipping and show you are aware of the hard work that many of our volunteers do to keep our greens looking so bright and clean.

  Markers Required
Once again we call on your generosity. Markers are needed for the Men's Championship Singles on Nov 1-2. If you can help on one, or both, of these days would you please put your name on the list in the clubhouse. Thank you.

  Bowls For Sale
Black Classic 2, Size 3 , Extra Heavy, $100 o.n.o.  Phone Wendy 8448396

  Baby Photos - Danny (left), Irene (right)
  Enter Now - Closing Soon
28 October - HB Men's Open Pairs - to be played Nov 8,9
29 October - HB Women's Open Pairs - to be played Nov 8,9