Newsletter 10 -  27 October 2008

Twilight Bowls

Wednesday - Twilight Bowls (5.30 pm start)
This competition began last Wednesday with both greens in use. Particularly pleasing was the participation of bowlers from as far afield as Hastings. Teams play one game of two bowl triples of 16 ends each night . If you want something to do of an evening for the next seven weeks why not come down and watch.


Opening Day for B Green
What a pity the opening had to be cancelled last Saturday because of bad weather. Many members had entered the day's tournament and it would have been a fitting occasion to thank all those who had played a part in planning, financing and producing what is starting to look like an excellent playing surface.

Wise Words
Ancient Samurai saying
Warriors take chances.
Like everyone else, they fear failing, but they refuse to let fear control them.

Following Your Bowl Up The Rink
After you have delivered a bowl and before it has come to rest you have two options;
1. get behind the head,  or
2. get behind the mat.

If you want to track your bowl's progress you must be behind the head as it stops. In other words you must beat it to the head. If you don't go to the head you must be behind the mat as your bowl stops.


Delivery of the Jack
Anchor foot is placed on the centre of the mat
Hold jack on the main fingers with thumb on top and wrist locked
Deliver jack using same action as for a bowl 

The pre-shot routine is important

Position the jack in the hand
Identify the line
Visualise the delivery (line, weight)
Confirm the line and focus point
Move onto the mat


Computer Humour
Tech support:           What kind of computer do you have?
Female customer:     A white one...

Computer Humour
Tech support:  Click on the 'my computer' icon on to the left of the screen.
Customer:        Your left or my left?

Computer Humour 
Tech support:       Good day. How may I help you?
Male customer:    Hello... I can't print.
Tech support:       Would you click on "start" for me and...
Customer:             Listen pal; don't start getting technical with me! I'm not Bill Gates.

Baby photos
Who am I?
Unlike Danny I was not born in Scotland
Who am I?
Unlike Irene I was not a 10 lb baby
Danny Irene  


The Law

During the HB Junior pairs all teams were given two sheets of paper with the following message: "These laws are ones we feel that Junior bowlers, and others, need to know to make the game more enjoyable for all." This is one of those laws.

Law 36.2        In relation to a neighbouring rink 
1.  A player should not go into a neighbouring rink where play is in progress.
2.  A player should neither go into nor walk along a neighbouring rink, even if it is not being used, while an opponent is delivering or about to deliver a bowl.
3.  If  the rink is an outside rink, a player should neither go into or walk along the section of green that lies between the outside boundary of the rink and the ditch while an opponent is about to deliver or is actually delivering a bowl.

Photo Gallery
"The blue bowl is mine," says Colin "I don't believe it," says Paula as Colleen concedes the end Bruce shares a moment with one of his team
Maureen and Betty deep in conversation Cold weather makes a man hungry! I bet Morris wishes he was in front of a fire
27         Mon         Representative Trial Day at Bowls Napier.

3           Mon         Men's Gardner Shield
8.9        Sat/Sun    Men's and Women's Open Pairs
10         Mon         Men's Gardner Shield     Mon/Thu        Women's North Island Chartered Clubs
17         Mon         Men's Gardner Shield
18         Tue          Umpires Hetero Three Bowls Triples
22.23    Sat/Sun    HB v Gisborne East Coast
24         Mon         Men's Gardner Shield
29.30    Sat/Sun    Men's & Women's Open Singles

Bias of Bowls (Law 8.2.3)
Pursuant to Rule 29 of the Bowls New Zealand Constitution, the following Regulation has been adopted by the Board as a Regulation of Bowls New Zealand with effect from 6th March 2008.

Bias of Bowls (Law 8.2.3)
All sets of bowls used by bowlers within New Zealand shall bear a 1982 or subsequent Bowls New Zealand, International Bowling Board or World Bowls stamp.

  Historic Capping At NEV
An important piece of New Zealand bowling history will be made at the North East Valley Bowling Club in Dunedin on Friday night, with the presentation of “caps” to some of the game’s giants of the past and present, Bowls New Zealand CEO, Kerry Clark said today. A man deemed by many to be the most brilliant bowler New Zealand has ever produced, Kevin Darling, is expected to be present to receive Cap #57.

Bowls Hawkes Bay
Gardner Shield
Continues each Monday. Players are to wear whites and games begin at 1.30 pm
Round 3 - Taradale v Omarunui @ Omarunui on 3 November
1 v Wairere win loss      
2 v Port Ahuriri          
3 v Omarunui          


from Bowls Hawkes Bay website

A triumph for youth
The image of bowls as an 'oldies' game will never be the same! Sisters, Angela (left) and Mandy  Boyd (right), (Bowls Taradale)  who in two consecutive Bowls Hawke's Bay Centre events this week, were second in the Junior Pairs and then won the Moira Smyth 2x4x2. These girls have been playing for only a few seasons, and with the able coaching of Bowls Hawke's Bay's youth coach Wilma Ennor, they have swept far more experienced players before them on their way to victory. In addition, Mandy recently won the right to represent Hawke's Bay as the singles player in the prestigious National Secondary School Championships to be held in mid December at Hamilton.
The following profile was sent to Phil Stephens for broadcast on NewstalkZB last saturday morning 

Mandy Boyd
Playing immaculate bowls and showing composure well beyond the tender age of 17, Year 12 Napier Girls High School student Mandy Boyd, won the Bowls Taradale Club Open Singles for the second year in succession, winning the final 21/4.   Mandy is proving that she is be a force to be reckoned with this year, as she and her sister Angela (a former winner of the NZ Secondary Schools Singles event) won the Moira Smyth 2x4x2 and were runners up in the Junior Pairs recently. In addition Mandy won the Secondary Schools Regional finals (singles) and will represent the region (Hawke’s Bay, Gisborne/East Coast/ Manawatu and Wairarapa) at the Secondary Schools Nationals at Hamilton in December.  Mandy is coached by Wilma Ennor, the Youth Bowls Co-ordinator for Bowls Hawke’s Bay.


The Centre Board is keen to set up a Coaching Association in Bowls Hawke’s Bay
We believe it will not only benefit Coaches but also improve the standard of Bowls. With the new Board structure it is important that groups like Coaches have an input into the organisation and operation of Bowls and a means of communicating with the Board.   All interested clubs/players/coaches – prospective, accredited or otherwise are requested to contact: Peter Bryant,  Phone: 06 843 4020    or Peter Carthew, Phone 06 858 9544

Fri Oct 31 Open Mini hetero triples
Sat/Sun 1-2 Men's Championship Singles
Sun 9 Men's Junior singles
Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu 10-11-12-13 Women's Chartered Clubs
Sat/Sun 15-16 Men's Championship Pairs
Sun 16 Women's Championship Triples
Sun 30 Men's Junior Singles,  Women's Junior Singles

Markers Required
Once again we call on your generosity. Markers are needed for the Men's Championship Singles on Nov 1-2. If you can help on one, or both, of these days would you please put your name on the list in the clubhouse. Thank you.

  Baby Photos - You can tell I am dragging the bottom of the barrel when I have to use my own photos - Colleen and me.
  Enter Now - About to Close
Club - Men's Singles - to be played Nov 1,2

28 October - HB Men's Open Pairs - to be played Nov 8,9
29 October - HB Women's Open Pairs - to be played Nov 8,9