Newsletter 11 -  3 November 2008

Men's Championship Singles
Thirty four entries in the men's singles was a healthy sign for the club. The presence of junior bowlers competing against more experienced bowlers is encouraging. Ideal bowling weather Saturday morning changed in the afternoon to strong norwesters. Competitors had to quickly adapt to the conditions or have an early lunch. By nightfall only four bowlers had two lives intact. Sunday's overcast weather was more suited to consistent draw bowling. Those lucky enough to watch would have witnessed some great heads, intelligent shot-taking and the odd surprising result. Only three players remain in the championship. Jack Halka will have a bye while Barry Hanlen and Murray Glassey will play off for the chance to play against Jack in the final - at a date yet to be announced. Once again the generosity of the many who volunteered to act as markers was evident. Thank you markers.
Gardner Shield
Continues each Monday. Players are to wear whites and games begin at 1.30 pm
Round 3 - Taradale v Omarunui @ Omarunui on 3 November
1 v Wairere win loss      
2 v Port Ahuriri win loss      
3 v Omarunui          
Women's North Island Chartered Clubs
You will all be aware that this huge event is about to take off - next week!!!  The greens and grounds are looking immaculate thanks to the hard work done by Allen Boardman and the many volunteers. The organising committee has been meeting regularly for weeks. The following committee names are in the booklet
(David Cantell, Val Ives, David Kaye, Bruce Mitchell, Les Stuart, Bernie Menefy) but I know there have been many more contributing as well. Thank you everyone. It is now up to each of us to make our visitors feel welcome.

If you want to see the sections, draws, names of people coming, programme, etc go to the mother club's website and click on the link on the left hand side. It is hoped results will be posted there as they come to hand.

Wise Words
Do your best, even when the odds seem against you.
Have faith in yourself and always believe you have a chance to win.

At The Finish of Play
Bowls is a friendly game and all players should show sportsmanship and remember courtesy costs nothing. When the game is over shake hands, be friendly and remember to congratulate the winner. All players should assist in returning mats, jacks and scoreboards at the close of play.

Ross bowls to the left - Dave prefers the right
Ross,  Gig, Colin, Dave

Bowl Speed and Control
The speed that the bowl travels towards the head is generated by
the pendulum arm swing and
the forward body movement.

Bowl speed is both a mental process and a physical process.
Concentrate on how far then how fast – focus on the finishing point
Adjust the delivery speed according to the result of the previous bowl
If your bowl is too long slow the delivery process down
If it is too short quicken the delivery process
Speed of the bowl is controlled by arm speed which in turn controls body movement

When I contemplated playing bowls, I knew not what to do.
About how to enter a game, I didn't have a clue.
I arrived in time for my first game, I think they called it fours.
Took all the bowls out of my bag, I didn't know the laws,
The other guys explained to me, "You've made a silly blue."
I said, "what's the point of having four if you're only using two." 

My opponent whispered in my ear, "In time you'll work it out,
But here's a thing you'll learn right now, it's up to you to shout."
I rushed into the bar and yelled, "Eight pots of beer, I think,
You'd better make it Tui, is it the stuff they drink?"
I brought the tray back to the green and handed drinks around,
The coin was tossed, the mat went down, my coin was never found.

You only had to buy two drinks you stupid bloody cluck."
"You should have told me sooner pal, I could've saved ten bucks."
We all shook hands, the day was fine, the green was running fast,
"I've never played this game before, do you mind if I go last?"
The skipper looked me up and down, he began to fear the worst,
"If you’re a novice bowler mate, it's best if you go first." 

I took a run up to the mat as nervous as could be,
It hit his foot, ran up his leg, rebounding off his knee.
"You're just a little quick my son", I saw my skipper mime,
"You've got another bowl mate, try underarm this time."
My team mates tried to counsel me, "Calm down, you'll get the ticket."
I've just turned sixty two ," I said, "and just retired from cricket."

If I played a bowl that fell well short the skip went off his rocker.
But when he did a similar thing, he was trying to play a blocker.
If I played a bowl well past the head, he said, "You'll get the knack."
If the skip did the same as me, "It's in case they trail the jack."
"Now listen old son", he said, his face was stern and gritty,
"Your job in this game of bowls is drawing to the kitty". 

I apologised for my mistakes and took in what he said,
"I'm sorry Mr Skipper, sir, I must have lost my head."
My first attempt at playing bowls was really quits a farce,
The skipper kept on telling me, "You've got to take some grass".
I stood and watched the other bloke as he took his turn to bowl,
It was then I learnt that taking grass was not the sort you roll.

Gobble Gobble Gobble
One of our men put his name down to play in the Men's Championship Singles then realised he was unable to play .... so .... he dutifully went into the club rooms and crossed his name off. The only problem was the name he crossed out was not his own name but that of someone who wanted to play. There is no way I would divulge his name but  =>>

During the HB Junior pairs all teams were given two sheets of paper with the following message: "These laws are ones we feel that Junior bowlers, and others, need to know to make the game more enjoyable for all." This is one of those laws.

Law 28.6         Bowl displacement by a bowl from a neighbouring rink
If a bowl at rest is in danger of being moved by a bowl from the neighbouring rink any player at the head can choose whether to lift the bowl at rest to allow the other bowl to pass and then replace it, as long as this action would not influence the outcome of the head, or stop the bowl from the neighbouring rink.

NB:  If your team’s bowl is coming through the neighbouring rink, inform them to watch their head. Do not go rushing into their head unless you are invited to assist

Wilma and Sue Maree Sherrill Anne and Nancy
Viv, Dave, Peter Errnie tells John about the one that got away
Club Programme    
Sun 9 Men's Junior singles
Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu 10-11-12-13 Women's Chartered Clubs
Fri 14 Mini Hetero triples
Sat/Sun 15-16 Men's Championship Pairs
Sun 16 Women's Championship Triples
Sun 30 Men's Junior Singles,  Women's Junior Singles
Markers required
On Sunday November 9th for the Men's Junior Singles. Games commence at 8.30 am. Please put your name on the sheet in the club shed and indicate if you are available for the morning only.
Note to Juniors
If Junior Championships are scheduled for the Sunday of a HB Centre Championship weekend you can still enter both. If any Junior is still remaining in the Centre championship on the Sunday we will postpone the club event.

Twilight Bowls (5.30 pm start)
Each Wednesday for the next six weeks - teams play one game of two bowl triples of 16 ends each night. Why not come down and watch?

HB Centre Programme for November
3           Mon         Men's Gardner Shield
8.9        Sat/Sun    Men's and Women's Open Pairs
10         Mon         Men's Gardner Shield     Mon/Thu        Women's North Island Chartered Clubs
17         Mon         Men's Gardner Shield
18         Tue          Umpires Hetero Three Bowls Triples
22.23    Sat/Sun    HB v Gisborne East Coast
24         Mon         Men's Gardner Shield
29.30    Sat/Sun    Men's & Women's Open Singles

Good luck to club members who have entered in the HB Centre Men's and Women's Pairs next weekend
"I'm sure there was a jack here when we started," says Rolly
??  Rolly, Lex, Pedro, Colin
Four wise men - or did I got that wrong?
Allan, Craig, Pete, Dave
Club-Only 2.4.2
On Sunday November 23rd we are having a "club-only" 2.4.2
In the past when we have had these events they have proved very popular so why not make up a team?
Starting time is 12.30 pm, the cost is $5 and dress is mufti.
There is a sheet in the clubroom for you to write down your team
Bowls For Sale
I have a set of bowls for sale which I bought and find that they are too big for my hand.
These bowls have had a couple of practices but have never been used.
Drakes Pride size 4 Heavy Xcel Xtra. $400.00
Ernie Friedlander phone  844-3661 or cellphone 0274-992 372.
Enter Now - About to Close
Club - Men's Junior Singles (played 9 Nov)
           Men's Championship Pairs (played 15-16 Nov)

Centre Entries
19 Nov - Men's and Women's Singles (played 29-30 Nov)