Newsletter 12 -  10 November 2008

Men's Junior Singles
Sunday saw the start of this competition with 16 bowlers competing for the Men's Junior Singles trophy. Bowls is a difficult enough game without adding the wind factor yet our relatively new bowlers faced up to this extra challenge and performed well. By nightfall yesterday the number of bowlers had been halved. Two men completed the day undefeated (Dave Jenkins and Pete Townrow) while those still with one life remaining include Morrie Shirley, Graeme Gardiner, Russell Turner, Gary deRidder, Dave Roberts and Bill Ripley. This competition will continue at the end of the month.

HB Centre Men's Pairs
Bowls Taradale was very well represented at the weekend with 10 teams, out of of 44, taking part in the Men's Centre Pairs. This large number of entrants has to be a healthy sign for the club because it give members experience at the highest level. By the close of Day 1 only two of our teams qualified for Post-Section play; they were Phil Young & Jack Philip and Murray Glassey & Barry Hanlen. It was a pity these two then had to play each other but the combination of Murray & Barry was successful. That win put them into the semi finals but that was as far as Murray and Barry went. They are to be congratulated on going further than anyone else from Bowls Taradale. Well done.

HB Centre Women's Pairs
Four pairs from our women members took part in the Centre Pairs over the weekend. Mandy and Angela Boyd reached Post Section play but lost out before reaching the finals. Well done to them and to all for taking part.

Gardner Shield
Continues each Monday. Players are to wear whites and games begin at 1.30 pm
Round 4 - Taradale v Bay View @ Napier on 10 November
1 v Wairere win loss      
2 v Port Ahuriri win loss      
3 v Omarunui win win      
4 v Bay View          
Women's North Island Chartered Clubs
All the hard work in preparation for this event is now over. Let us make our visitors welcome and enjoy the bowling.
If you want to see the sections, draws, names of people coming, programme, etc go to the mother club's website and click on the link on the left hand side. It is hoped results will be posted there as they come to hand.

Good luck to the women from our club who are taking part; K Grainger W Ennor S Glock  B Falvey   S Brock D Girven M Turner V McLauchlan   W Mitchell V Ives C McLaughlin B Stuart  F Johnson W Guatieri N Gardiner S Goffin  A Dempsey  C Humphrey B Neilson M Dunnett  M Parsons N Pedersen I Miller B Exeter  J Haslett D Mitchell J Speakman S Taylor

Thanks Irene
I sent out a request last week for a volunteer to act as minutes secretary. Once again you came to the party. Thank you.

This is a huge thanks to Irene Millar who has agreed to take the minutes for the chartered clubs A.G.M.  This club is so lucky to have the support of people like Irene.
Val Ives
Wise Words
It doesn't matter if you try and try and try again, and fail.
But it does matter if you try and fail, and fail to try again.
club scene LEANERS
Marie (left leaner), Joyce (centre leaner), Diane (right leaner), Maureen (out-of-photo leaner)

Bowls should not be kicked until the shot(s) has been decided.
Do not sit on the edges of the green.
All Bowlers should know and understand the Laws of the Game
When watching a game always observe strict neutrality. Advice or criticism must not be given.

Etiquette for Markers
"So if you would a Marker be

Then make it worth your while
To do the job quite capably
And do it with a smile."

When a player has delivered the jack the marker should centre it then stand back and to one side, ensuring that all rink markers are visible to the players.

He should answer any specific question (from the player in possession of the rink) about the state of the head. He should not offer any additional information that has not been requested.

If you are unsure of the situation don't guess. You can offer an opinion but make sure that the player who is asking the question is made aware of this.

The marker should mark all touchers immediately they come to rest and remove chalk marks from non touchers. He should also remove all dead bowls from the rink with the players' agreement. He should also mark the position the Jack which is in the ditch.

The marker should not move any bowls until the end is complete and the players have agreed the number of shots.

Game Plan
Win the majority of the ends you play
Play only minimum or maximum length (jack delivery then very important)
Always have two bowls in the head
Minimize errors by keeping shot losses to 2 shots
Greed - do not widen the head for the opposition
          - do not chase more shots and cause risk when holding shot
Enjoy – keep composed, show confidence, especially if you or the team are losing
Do not change a game or length that is winning

Happy 70th Kevin
During my time with Bowls Taradale I never cease to be amazed at the variety and depth of talent amongst our members. The willingness of so many who are prepared to share their skills for the good of our club must surely be one of our unique strengths. Kevin is one of many who give of their time and talent so often. We hope Kevin's big day today with family and friends is all, and more, than he expects. Happy Birthday, Kevin, from all of us ... however just because you are a year older don't think we are going to let you beat us next time we play!!

REFLECTIONS OF A NEW BOWLER cont from last week
I took my stance upon the mat, "I've got good grass I think?".
But the bowl turned the other way and drew shot on next door’s rink.
I remembered reading a book, how to sort my bias out,
The little ring to the inside, now I know what it's about!.
The game progressed, we had a ball, I didn't keep the score.
I guess you lose some interest when you continually drop a four.

But we made a mighty comeback, our team was on the mend,
The score was locked at 20 all as we began the last end.
The skipper pulled us all aside and with a cheeky grin,
Said, "Don't know how you blokes feel, but I'm out here to win".
He glared me sternly in the eye, his steely glare could cut yer,
My bowl went down, "You beauty mate, a resting bloody toucher".

I tried in vain to hide my glee, I think my bowl’s a winner,
and the skip was turning cartwheels screaming, "This guy is no beginner"
Although they tried to shift my bowl with shots of no real class,
Our skip was keeping well away by taking heaps of grass.
My bowl stayed there, we won the match and ambled off the green,
And I knew it was the greatest piece of ass this game as ever seen. 

We talked about it afterwards, how we won by just one shot,
But the best time came when all those blokes shouted back that bloody pot.
I took time out to find a coach who taught me by the letter,
I'm pleased to say I've learned a lot and now I bowl much better.
The years have passed, I'm hooked on bowls, though not achieving fame,
I just tell all and sundry, how I won that bloody game....

During the HB Junior pairs all teams were given two sheets of paper with the following message: "These laws are ones we feel that Junior bowlers, and others, need to know to make the game more enjoyable for all." This is one of those laws.

Practice Ends  VS  Trial End  Law 3
If a player, or team, who has not yet played is due to meet a player, or team, who has already played on the same day, the player or team who has not yet played can practise as long as…

-          the Controlling Body gives approval.

-          there is enough time available without delaying competition.

-          another rink is available apart from that on which the player or team has been drawn to play later that day.

If a team/player has had a bye in a round they may also have a practice before their next game.

Lex Denis Jane and Kumara Dudley
Johnny watching his bowl finish in the Men's Singles
Bryan doesn't want to watch
Dave and Ross
Club Programme November  
Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu 10-11-12-13 Women's Chartered Clubs
Fri 14 Mini Hetero triples
Sat/Sun 15-16 Men's Championship Pairs
Sun 16 Women's Championship Triples
Sun 30 Men's Junior Singles cont,  Women's Junior Singles

Twilight Bowls (5.30 pm start)
Each Wednesday for the next five weeks - teams play one game of two bowl triples of 16 ends each night. Why not come down and watch?

HB Centre Programme for November
10         Mon         Men's Gardner Shield     Mon/Thu        Women's North Island Chartered Clubs
17         Mon         Men's Gardner Shield
18         Tue          Umpires Hetero Three Bowls Triples
22.23    Sat/Sun    HB v Gisborne East Coast
24         Mon         Men's Gardner Shield
29.30    Sat/Sun    Men's & Women's Open Singles

Club-Only 2.4.2
On Sunday November 23rd we are having a "club-only" 2.4.2
In the past when we have had these events they have proved very popular so why not make up a team?
Starting time is 12.30 pm, the cost is $5 and dress is mufti.
There is a sheet in the clubroom for you to write down your team
Shirley and Fay Lunch time - Don, Johnny, Jean, Irene
Enter Now - Closing Soon
Club -
Men's Championship Pairs (played 15-16 Nov)
Women's Championship Triples (played 16 Nov)
Men's Junior Singles,  Women's Junior Singles (played 30 Nov)

19 Nov - Men's and Women's Singles (played 29-30 Nov)
24 Nov - Women's Open 2 bowl triples (played 6-7 Dec)
25 Nov - Men's Open 2 bowl triples (played 6-7 Dec)