Newsletter 15 -  1 December 2008


Men's Junior Singles
The Junior Singles continued from November 9th when two bowlers were undefeated (Dave Jenkins and Pete Townrow). Those with one life included Morrie Shirley, Graeme Gardiner, Russell Turner, Gary deRidder, Dave Roberts and Bill Ripley. I did not see all of the games yesterday but I am told there were many close encounters similar to the one I did see between Morrie Shirley and Russell Turner (21-20). By early afternoon three men were left standing - Dave Jenkins, Russell Turner and Dave Roberts - and by nightfall only Dave Jenkins and Dave Roberts remained. The final between these two will be played at a date yet to be announced.

Phil, Murray, Jack in Semifinals of HB Men's Singles
A large number of entries (54) saw this competition commence at four different venues; Napier, Omarunui, Part Ahuriri and Wairere. From the eleven bowlers from our club who entered five reached post-Section play; Murray Glassey, Paul (Kumara) Selby, Phil Young, Barry Hanlen and Jack Halka. What a great tribute the finishing stages of this was for our club and the skills of our top bowlers. Phil Young played Jack Halka in one semifinal while Murray Glassey met Paul Sorenson in the other. Jack won his game and Paul won the other. Congratulations to all those who did so well. There was not enough time left to play the final.

Mandy Wins HB Women's Singles
Mandy Boyd was our sole entry in the Women's Singles where she showed the more mature bowlers she will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. Mandy, our teenaged Junior bowler, defeated everyone in her path in reaching the finals where she played and won against Lesley Gillon (Port Ahuriri). Congratulations, Mandy.


Peter Thomson - Gardner Shield
Finishes on Monday. Round 7 - Taradale has a bye
Special thanks to Peter Thomson for volunteering to organise each round on our behalf. Your work is appreciated.

1 v Wairere win loss      
2 v Port Ahuriri win loss      
3 v Omarunui win win      
4 v Bay View win loss      
5 v Napier win loss      
6 v Bluff Hill win loss      
7   bye          
Wise Words
When you are bowling, only the game in which youíre bowling is important - not the next game, or tomorrow's, or last week's.
Bev and Jean Sherrill, Julie, Dave, Allan Brenda

Excuses for bad play by bowlers should not be made. Good bowlers play poor games occasionally. When beaten, they do not blame the condition of the green, the wind, or anything else - their victors had the same conditions to contend with. It is bad form to bewail one's luck - generally the better bowler has the better luck.


Concentration starts with having good routines
A pre shot routine could be:
1. Define the shot you are going to play,
2. Get the bowl in the hand correctly,
3. Establish the intended line,
4. Move onto the mat ensuring the anchor foot and body is pointing directly along the intended line,
5. Think calm and relaxed,
6. Put the feeling into your body of how fast you need to bowl the bowl,
7. A trigger or cue word to set the bowling action in motion,
8. Just relax you canít do any more about it,
9. Analyse the result and what correction if any will be required with the next bowl.


Computer Humour
A woman customer called the Canon help desk with a problem with her printer.
Tech support: Are you running it under windows?
Customer: "No, my desk is next to the door, but that is a good point. The man sitting in the cubicle next to me is under a window, and his printer is working fine."

The Law

Restart After a dead End
An end is killed and one skip wants the bowls taken back to the end that has just been played but the other does not. What happens? Does the team that placed the mat have the choice? Does the team that killed the end have the choice? Is there another solution? Do you know the law relating to dead ends?

Law 31        Dead End 
A dead end should be replayed in the same direction unless the skips or opponents in Singles agree to play it in the opposite direction.  If the jack and bowls need to be transferred to the opposite end of the rink before the end is replayed, they should be carried up the rink.

Morning Tea Not quite as good as a cold beer Shirley

Club Info

Club Programme December
Fri 5 Mini Hetero 2.4.2
Sun 7 Men's Junior Championship Pairs
7 Women's Junior Championship Pairs
Sat 20 Men's Championship Triples
Sun 21 Club Christmas Ham (names on notice board by Thu 18th) - cost $5 pp

Twilight Bowls (Wednesday 5.30 pm start)
Only two weeks left. Why not come down and watch?

Club Christmas Ham
This popular event will take place on Sunday December 21st at 12.30 pm. Whites are to be worn and the cost is $5 pp. Single entries are to be made on the day but numbers will be required before that for catering purposes. Please enter your name for catering on the sheet in the club rooms. Thanks

Bowls HB

HB Centre Programme for December
1         Mon       Men's Gardner Shield
6.7      Sat/Sun  Men's and Women's Open 2 Bowl Triples
11.13  Thu/Sat   National Secondary Schools Championships
14       Sun        HB v Manawatu

"I wish I had another biscuit," says Nancy   Jean didn't have a pipe to hide behind
  Men's East Coast Chartered Clubs Tournament
March 11, 12, 13 2009 @ Heretaunga Club, Hastings
Bowls Taradale has been allocated TWO entries in this Men's Fours tournament
Our committee has allocated one entry to Ross Hamilton and his team (always a regular participant over the years)
The other placement is "up for grabs"
If you are interested please enter your team on the sheet in the club room
If there is more than one entry a play-off will be held (in week commencing 5th Jan 2009)
Closing date for entries is 31 December
  Two Sets of Bowls For Sale
Ideal for beginner to start with
Henselite, Shamrock Size 1, super grip super lights - $60 ono includes carry bag, wet weather whites.
Henselite Doghouse, Championship super grip, size 2 heavy $75 ono - includes brand new wheelie bag.
Contact:  Pam & Eddie Evans ph 845 3077  or  Paula Morgan ph 8336306
Entries Entries - Closing Soon
Men's Junior Pairs (played 7 December)
Women's Junior Pairs (played 7 December)
Men's Championship Triples (played 20 December)