Newsletter 16 -  8 December 2008

Tentative New Dates For Juniors
Men's Junior Pairs - 21/22 Feb
Women's Junior Singles - 4/5 April
Women's Junior Pairs - 1st March
New Entry forms will be posted on the board. Please re-enter
  Ladies Championship Triples
Six teams are left. Skips are being approached to ascertain if their teams are available to play on Sat 20th December. If all are available a further three games will be played. Mandy Boyd and Sue Brock both have two lives. Skips with one life are Del Girven, Paula Evans, Julie Haslett and Fay Johnson.
  Final of Championship Men's Fours
The Men's Fours began in October and should be concluded this coming weekend. Phil Young's team (Phil, Frank Grantham, Graeme "Pedro" Pedersen, Lucky Roberts) still has two lives. Barry Hanlen's team (Barry, John Hanlen, Morris Williams, John McLaughlin) has one life. These two teams will play off for the title on Saturday 13 December at 8.30 am
  Men's Senior Pairs
The semifinal of the Senior Pairs will take also place on Saturday 13 December at 8.30 am. Jack Halka will play Bruce Mitchell then the winner will play Murray Glassey later in the day. Jack and Bruce have one life while Murray has two.

Hawkes Bay Open 2 Bowl Triples
Last weekend Bowls Taradale hosted the HB Open Triples for men and women. Of the six men's Taradale teams who entered two made post-Section play. It was a shame our two teams had to play one another but that's life (Barry Hanlen, John Hanlen, Russell Turner  v  Paul Selby, Ernie Friedlander, Murray Glassey).  Paul's team won then went on to play in one of the semifinals but went under by the closest of margins to Tony Brown's team from Waipukurau.

Three of our women's teams entered the women's triples and two made post-Section. Sue Brock's team (Sue, Wilma Ennor, Lynda Boyd) and Sheryl Glock's both played well but succumbed (Sheryl, Barbara Exeter and Tessa Hocking). Well done, everyone.

Don't forget to make use of the Bowls Hawkes Bay website to get the latest HB Centre results (or draws, or venues, or lots of other information). There is a link at the top of this page (or click here

OUR MEN IN ACTION (don't the new shirts look smart)


It isn't hard to be good from time to time in sport. What is tough, is being good every day.
(Willie Mays)

When you are Skip, remember that the players in your team are as anxious to win as you are, and that it is bad form to remind any of them that they have put down a bad bowl. They know that equally well as you do - and it hurts more if you remind them of it by word, grimace or action. All bowlers, including Skips, play bad bowls at times, and lose games, too.


If anyone says “You don’t need to be fit to play bowls” don’t believe them. If you want to do well in the club championships then heed the warning and do something about your fitness.

Most bowlers develop good leg strength from playing the game but often neglect the stabilising muscles in the torso which contribute to a smooth delivery. Good cardiovascular and muscular endurance means less fatigue, especially at the end of the day. Most bowlers use walking for exercise to develop fitness but a variety of other methods (jogging, cycling, swimming) can be used to develop endurance. Stretching for flexibility increases the muscles’ range of motion; this promotes ease of delivery and more consistency on the green.

An Amish farmer, walking through his field, notices a man kneeling down and drinking from his farm pond.
The Amish farmer shouts: "Trink das wasser nicht. Die kuhen haben dahin gesheissen."
(Which means: "Don't drink the water, the cows have crapped in it.")
The kneeling man shouts back: "I'm a Muslim, I don't understand you. I speak Arabic and English. If you can't speak in the sacred tongue of Islam, speak in English."
The Amish farmer says: "Use two hands, you'll get more."
The Law
Last Saturday a jack was struck, hit a stationary bowl and rebounded forward instead of backward. Do you know the minimum distance you can have between the moved jack and the front end of the mat? 

Law 30        Dead jack
If the jack is moved by a bowl in play, it is a dead jack if it:
·   passes above the face of the bank;
·   passes completely outside a side boundary of the rink of play;
·   comes to rest in any hollow in the face of the bank; or
·   comes to rest at a distance of less than 20 metres as measured in a straight line from the mat line.

Club Info

Club Programme December
Sat 13 Final of Championship Men's Fours
13 Men's Senior Pairs
Sat 20 Men's Championship Triples    
20 Ladies Championship Triples
Sun 21 Club Christmas Ham (names on notice board by Thu 18th) - cost $5 pp

Twilight Bowls (Wednesday 5.30 pm start)
Only one week left. Why not come down and watch?

Club Christmas Ham
This popular event will take place on Sunday December 21st at 12.30 pm.
Whites are to be worn and the cost is $5 pp.
Single entries are to be made on the day but numbers will be required before that for catering purposes.
Please enter your name for catering on the sheet in the club rooms.


Bowls HB

HB Centre Programme for December
11.13  Thu/Sat   National Secondary Schools Championships
14       Sun        HB v Manawatu

  Four Taradale Women Make the Women's Development Team
When the Women's Development team was announced during the week four of our members made the team. Congratulations to Mandy Boyd, Barbara Exeter, Sheryl Glock and Angela Boyd. HB plays Manawatu at Dannevirke next Sunday 14th
Finals of Secondary School Students will be held in Hamilton – Thursday 11th to Saturday 13th December.

Boys' Singles
:Frankie Ngatoro (GEC)                               Boys' Pairs:Callum Rigby & Hayden Goss (Man.)
                     Tim Darbyshire (Man.)                                                  Hayden Fenn & Ricky Thompson (GEC)
                     Reserve: Adam Laurent (HB)                                             Reserve: William Taylor & Arild Roberts (GEC)
Girls" Singles: Mandy Boyd (H.B.)                                     Girls' Pairs: Tessa Hocking & Malia Begley (HB)
                      Jamie Smith (Man)                                                       Morgan Turner & Krissie Illston (Man)
                      Reserve: Lisa Graham (Man)                                          Reserve: Leonie Single & Sophie Mills (HB)
Pete, Sherrill and Mum Quite a few people, including Frank Hosegood, have commented on how nice our flowers are. Thank you Lilian. Elaine and Barbara taking a break
Bowls NZ

The Trusts New Zealand Open Sky TV Schedule
Over the next two months you will have the opportunity to view some fantastic bowls action on TV!!  Sky Television covered all six finals from The Trusts New Zealand Open.  Starting with the Women's Triples and finishing with the Men's Singles in mid January you will have plenty of opportunity to catch the action...

The Trusts New Zealand Open Sky TV Schedule:

Tuesday 9th December 7.00pm Sky Sport One (SS1)

Wednesday 10th December 7.00am SS1

Wednesday 10th December 1.30pm SS2

Wednesday 10th December 10.30pm SS1

Thursday 11th December 9.30pm SS2

Friday 12th December 8.00am SS2

Sunday 14th December 10.00pm SS1

Reminder No 2 Men's East Coast Chartered Clubs Tournament
March 11, 12, 13 2009 @ Heretaunga Club, Hastings
Bowls Taradale has been allocated TWO entries in this Men's Fours tournament
Our committee has allocated one entry to Ross Hamilton and his team (always a regular participant over the years)
The other placement is "up for grabs"
If you are interested please enter your team on the sheet in the club room
If there is more than one entry a play-off will be held (in week commencing 5th Jan 2009)
Closing date for entries is 31 December
For Sale Two Sets of Bowls For Sale
Ideal for beginner to start with
Henselite, Shamrock Size 1, super grip super lights - $60 ono includes carry bag, wet weather whites.
Henselite Doghouse, Championship super grip, size 2 heavy $75 ono - includes brand new wheelie bag.
Contact:  Pam & Eddie Evans ph 845 3077  or  Paula Morgan ph 8336306
Entries Entries - Closing Soon
Men's Championship Triples (played 20 December)

HB Centre