Newsletter 24 -  2 March 2009

Women's Championship Fours - bad weather on Saturday prevented any play from taking place

Women's Junior Pairs - This event, initially scheduled for December, has just got under way. Five women's teams have entered and two games have been played.

Taradale Wins Regional Men's  Division One 'Sevens'
Earlier in the season Bowls Taradale won the Men's  Division One 'Sevens', for the second successive year. Representing us were, Murray Glassey, Frank Grantham, Barry Hanlen, Paul Selby, Phil Young, John Hanlen and Ross Hamilton.

On Saturday in Gisborne they continued their winning streak. Our team went through undefeated and now will now represent Region 3 in the National Final in Palmerston North on April 2-3. Congratulations, Murray, Frank, Barry, Paul, Phil, John and Ross. We wish you well.

HB Development Women - (including Mandy Boyd, Angela Boyd and Sheryl Glock) - also won their competition in Gisborne and will now represent Region 3 at the National Finals. Congratulations and the best of luck from us all.

Regardless of what you do put in
every game boils down to doing the things you do best
and doing them over and over again.

Reember The Opposition
People play bowls for enjoyment and it will be more pleasurable if they are mindful of their opponents. Be ready. Always be on time for the start of play and for the start of each game. Start and finish a game with a handshake.

If You Are Second Don't Be Short
If the lead has done his job the second can be called upon to play position bowls – and they can be the most difficult to play.  If the opposition lead has two on the jack the second may be called upon to play a firm shot to open up the head. So, the second has to be very versatile or his bowls will be wasted. He has to have a good draw shot, he must have accurate positional play, and he must be the possessor of a good firm shot. A second must never be short unless otherwise directed. An overdrawn bowl has a better chance of counting than a short bowl. In addition to playing the game the second is responsible for keeping the correct scores registered on the card and on the scoreboard. Any player that can live up to the above has a very important role to play in any team

When Can You Look At The Head?
Occasionally you come across a player who wants to go up and look at the head after each delivery. Is this OK? 

Appendix A.4     
Restricting the movement of players during play

After delivering their first bowl, players will only be allowed to walk up to the head under the following circumstances.
Singles game - after delivery of their third and fourth bowls.

Pairs game (each player playing four bowls)
the leads: after delivery of their third and fourth bowls; and
the skips: after delivery of their second, third and fourth bowls.

Triples game (each player playing three bowls)
the leads: after delivery of their third bowl;
the seconds: after delivery of their second and third bowls; and
the skips: after delivery of each of their bowls.

49th Wedding Anniversary
Two of our bowling families are celebrating their 49th Wedding Anniversary this weekend.

     Jean and John Speakman
     Fay and Bill Johnson      

This is a huge achievement and we congratulate Jean & John, Fay & Bill.
Bowls Taradale wishes you many more years together.

When I was born, I was black.
When I grew up, I was black.
When I get hot, I am black.
When I get cold, I am black.
When I am sick, I am black.
When I die, I am black.

When you were born, You were pink.
When you grew up, You were white.
When you get hot, You go red.
When you get cold, You go blue.
When you are sick, You go green.
When you die, You go grey.

... and you call me coloured!

Mates in Bowls
This has proved so popular that it is being extended by one more week. Come along this Thursday at 6.00 pm for another entertaining evening of bowling. Numbers for most weeks averaged in the 30's and quite a few people indicated a willingness to carry on with bowling.

Special thanks must be given to the organising team of Dave Jenkins, Maree Turner and Sue Brock plus their willing band of helpers who stepped in with their time and experience. Your club thanks you all for your efforts to encourage more into the sport.

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Taradale Friends' Day
On April 1 we are hosting Taradale Friends' Day Hetero Triples. Starting time is 10.00 am. Please invite a friend (or friends) to join your team and phone Julie Haslett with you entry. Ladies are asked to please bring a plate.

(from Bowls HB website)
Bowls New Zealand road show meeting- A great response - thank you everyone. The Board were very pleased to see so many support Bowls Hawke’s Bay by turning up to hear the Bowls New Zealand message as to the proposed organisation at a national level, bowls in this region and our clubs. Please remember to return your response forms if you haven’t already done so.  

Representative Selectors We are now calling for nominations for selectors and coaches for our representative teams for next season. Details and application forms can be downloaded from the Bowls Hawke’s Bay website or you can phone our secretary Carole Miller who will see that these are posted out to you.  

Board member applications In line with our constitution three of the six Board members are due to retire by rotation this year. The Board members who are standing down are Jack Phillip, Colleen Ferrick and Liffy Law. We are looking for new Board members to fill these vacancies. The advertisement and  application details can be downloaded from the website or you can ring Carole and forms will be posted out to you.

'Closing date 15 May 2009'
Application forms are in our clubhouse. 

Liffy Law - Board Chairperson

Club Days - Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays.  Names  in by 12.45pm.

6  President's Charity Hetero Triples
    - 10.00 am start.
    More entries are required

2  NZCT Pairs playoff  -at Gisborne
3  NZCT Singles playoff  -at Gisborne
4  Mixed 2x4x2 Regional playoff  - at Gisborne
7.8  Men's & Women's Champ of Champ Triples
Tom Johnson - is in the A&R section of the HB Hospital

Scotty Burton - recovering in the orthopaedic ward after fracturing his femur

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