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As I look back over the season I feel proud to belong to a club where members care for one another. While we meet principally to play bowls we are fortunate to be surrounded by people who care. When we come together our bowling mates are interested in what we do outside of bowls. When sickness calls so too do cards, flowers, phone calls and genuine concern. The number of volunteers who promote our club and care for its grounds seems to grow each year. New players step forward willingly to accept responsibility, visitors are made to feel welcome and the quality of bowling among our members is high.

Thank you, Committee members, for the long hours you spend on our behalf. You do it willingly, you sometimes have to make unpopular decisions but you always have the good of the club at heart. To the large number of volunteers; coaches, selectors, those who mark the greens, tournament controllers, umpires, markers, gardeners, groundsmen, gala organisers, maintenance people .... and the list goes on and on .... a big "thanks" to each one of you.

On a personal note I would like to thank those send me articles to print, results to publish and photos to liven up the pages. A special word of thanks to those who go out of their way to tell me how much they enjoy the newsletters. Your assistance and comments are greatly appreciated.

Unlike some countries NZ has four distinct seasons - although recently you might have had doubts. Seasons bring variations in how we spend our time. Over the winter months some will continue bowling, others will have a complete break and a few will head for warmer places. Whatever you do I hope you enjoy the winter months, travel safely, hibernate in comfort and keep well. See you next season.

On May 5th the Taradale Open Two Bowls Triples will start. Dave Henderson has set one up a website so he can publish the draw and other relevant information. There will be a link to it from both the Taradale Club's home page and ours. Each time you check the site I would suggest you "refresh" the page. That will ensure you have the most up-to-date data. To visit the site click

A sheet has been posted on the notice board for people to enter names. This is for catering purposes only.


Please note the initial start time as advertised is incorrect.
Starting time is 9 am
Napier Bowls
April 21, 22
Format: 2 bowl triples, 2.4.2 pairs

PS It is pleasing to see that we have 20 of our Juniors playing in this tournament. Their dedication and commitment is a reflection of why our junior bowlers have been so successful this year. Well done.


The following people have said they want to play over the winter months if they are needed:

Ken Moroney (ph 8447279), Peter Turnbull, Bill Mogford, Mike Madden, Ray Kennedy, June Taylor, Louise Bateman

To see the winter programme click the link in the top RH corner of this page or click here


MINI TRIPLES - 13th April
1st    P Thomson(s), R Hoare, L Gillon 3 - 17 + 22
2nd   A Austin(s), D Mitchell, S Taylor 3 - 15 + 14
3rd    C Faulkner(s), B Wakely, L Bateman 3 - 14 + 17

Nominated Games
Pak 'n' Save Green:  B Godber(s), M Williams, L Fitness 7 + 16(Game 2)
HBSB Green:  K Holmes(s), C Downing, D Jenkins 7 + 15(Game 3)


A mufti 2.4.2 tournament has been planned for Anzac Day, April 25th
Starting time is 12.30 pm
Cost is $10 per team
Entries to Sheryl Glock  ph 8432486

(Bowls NZ website)
Invercargill is playing host to the last major event of the bowls season, with eight days of National Club Championships being held on the Waverley Bowling Club greens. Starting with the singles, a wealth of talented bowlers from around the nation have come together to battle it out for coveted national titles in four disciplines.
Region 3:
Women’s Singles: Natasha Grimshaw - Kia Toa - Hawkes Bay
Women’s Pairs: Glenys Whiteman (s) Bobbie Beattie - Riverside - Gisborne East Coast
Women’s Triples: Makaia Campbell (s) Wendy Miller, Trisana Campbell - Eketahuna - Wairarapa
Women’s Fours: Fran Frith (s) Sheryn Blake, Bev Budd, Georgie Kahui Rogers - Terrace End – Manawatu

Men’s Singles: Bruce Ferrick - Taradale - Hawkes Bay
Men’s Pairs: Murray Glassey (s) Paul Selby - Heretaunga - Hawkes Bay
Men’s Triples: Ces Bell (s) Ken Smith, Graeme Wagg - Napier - Hawkes Bay
Men’s Fours: Brian Little (s) Graeme Cooley, Steve Toms, Ross Ellery - Palmerston North – Manawatu
(by Colleen Ferrick)
Bruce finished fifth in the National Finals of the ‘Club’ singles, which was played on the new artificial indoor green at the Waverly Bowling Club at Invercargill.

He lost his first game against three-time national event winner Gary Watson (Stoke, Nelson) 25/23 and also lost the second game to the eventual runner-up of the event Allen Stewart, (Cambridge, Waikato) 25/11. Allen (23) is a member of the National Talent Development Squad, has been playing bowls since he was 13 years of age and already has a National Fours title to his name.

Bruce won the third game on Saturday against the well-performed Bruce Winterburn (Durie Hill, Wanganui) 25/13.

Losing the penultimate match this morning to the eventual winner Pat Houlahan (Alexandra Central Otago) 25/19 meant that he did not need to play the final game – as he was then out of contention. He probably ‘did the shops’ this afternoon….do you think?

Bowlers may be interested to know that the extremely talented Kia Toa and Hawke’s Bay player Natarsha Grimshaw 33, also competed in the women’s National Singles at the same venue. She finished a very creditable third (on minus 2 differential) in a field of proven and experienced players. Linda Ralph, Pakuranga Auckland, won the event with last year’s winner Wynette McLachlan (Winton South Otago) runner-up.

On Thursday and Friday Natarsha also represented Hawke’s Bay with John Young (also Kia Toa) in the Mixed Pairs where they competed against several strong composite combinations to finish in third place.

The competition continues tomorrow with Paul (Kumera) Selby and Murray Glassey attempting to further their last year’s success in the Pairs event - and Wednesday/Thursday will see the Napier trio of Ces Bell, Kenny Smith and Graeme Wagg in attendance.

Result sheets are available at;

(by David Jones)
The recent tournament was such a financial success the Tournament Committee has decided to donate $400 to Bowls Taradale in recognition of the volunteer assistance from the ladies of the Bowls club at morning teas and lunch hours.

In addition to this amount a cheque for $600 has been paid for the use of the club's greens.

The balance of money (approximately $600) will be set aside to assist teams to attend future Chartered Clubs bowls events.

The Future of Our Sport & Who Pays

It is well known and accepted that our sport, like many others, is facing tough times with declining volunteer and traditional membership numbers plus diminishing revenue streams. HOWEVER it is also acknowledged that we face our BIGGEST opportunity to truly grow the sport of bowls, on all levels, if we all work together . . . participants, clubs, centres, Regional Service Centres and Bowls NZ. Now is the time to address our issues and capitalise on our opportunities. With this is mind, and together with your local Regional Service Centre, we will be running a series of Roadshows from February to April 2012.

If you or anyone at your club or centre is interested in coming together to discuss the future of our sport and who pays, to ensure the survival of our great game, then please join us. We would love to see you and hear your thoughts on how by working together, we can successfully grow our player and volunteer numbers. Everyone is welcome. With a collaborative approach, anything is possible.
Omarunui Bowling Club on Wednesday 2nd May commencing 7pm.
Kerry Clark OBE
Chief Executive Officer
It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to be kind to others.
If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again,
It was probably worth it.

While attending a Marriage Weekend, my wife and I listened to the instructor say, “It is essential that husbands and wives know the things that are important to each other."

He then addressed the men, “Can you name and describe your wife's favourite flower?”
I leaned over, touched my wife's hand gently, and whispered, “Pam’s Self Raising, isn't it?”

And thus began my life of celibacy.........

All bowlers, irrespective of their skills level, should get their coach to look at their bowling action at least once or twice a year. It is common for small faults to creep into your technique and thus reduce the percentage of successful shots.

Good coaches will not apply major surgery but will help you to get rid of the problem. You will generally find the winner of a game is the one who does the basics best.

Where do you place the jack when it has to put on the 2m mark. Do you have the front (leading) edge of the jack on the horizontal line or is it the back (trailing) edge?


click this image to enlarge

Bowling is a friendly game and all players should show courtesy and good sportsmanship. Acknowledge all good bowls played by either side



Sat 21 April – Sun 22 April

Further information:
1. Each team comprises of one team of pairs, one team of triples: Total 5 People.
2. Whites must be worn – Club colours if possible.
3. Start time 9am both days at Napier Bowl, Herrick Street, Marewa.
4. Entry fees: $10/player covers both days. This will be collect prior to play on Saturday
5. Morning tea will be provided and lunch will be available if required.
6. Dates for team training will be announced later in the week.

Team Blue:
· Pairs: B Godber (s) L Fitness
· Triples: B Gardner, D Henderson, R Hocking (s)

Team Black:
· Pairs: A Buckley, C Angove (s)
· Triples: A Barker, L Dunnett, A Frame (s)

Team Green:
· Pairs: D Scott, B Morton (s)
· Triples: C Adams, R Exeter, S Roberts (s)

Team Yellow:
· Pairs: M Packe, O DeRidder (s)
· Triples: R Kennedy, I Young, B Fallowfield (s)
“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; 
courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” ~Winston Churchill
Please be aware that there are nomination forms in the club house. Some members have already been nominated but we need more. If you are keen to stand  for any position get someone to nominate and second you then post it on the board with the others. Please review those who have been nominated because you will be asked to vote for these at the AGM in June.

A cowboy rode into town and stopped at a saloon for a drink. Unfortunately, the locals always had a habit of picking on strangers, which he was. When he finished his drink, he found his horse had been stolen. He went back into the bar, handily flipped his gun into the air, caught it above his head without even looking and fired a shot into the ceiling.

"Which one of you sidewinders stole my horse?!" he yelled with surprising forcefulness. No one answered. "Alright, I'm gonna have another beer, and if my horse ain't back outside by the time I finish, I'm gonna do what I dun in Texas! And I don't like to have to do what I dun in Texas!" Some of the locals shifted restlessly. The man, true to his word, had another beer, walked outside and his horse has been returned to the post.

He saddled up and started to ride out of town. The bartender wandered out of the bar and asked, "Say partner, before you go... what happened in Texas?"

The cowboy turned back and said, "I had to walk home."

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