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Entries in the MEN'S AND WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP FOURS close on TUESDAY 5.00 pm

This coming Wednesday at 1.30 pm the Hawkes Bay Centre will have its Opening Day on our greens.
Bowlers will come from all over Hawkes Bay and will play for an hour or two before retiring inside for speeches and and a cuppa.
Mini Triples held on Friday 7th September.
1st R Hoare (s ), R Kennedy, R Oates. 3 - 14 + 22
2nd D Roberts (s ), D Henderson, C Nicol. 3 - 14 + 19
2nd L Parson (s ), S Glock, B Exeter. 3 - 14 + 19
Best last game
Pak 'n' Save Green: W Whyte (s ), E Friedlander, R Hamilton. 6 + 13
HBSB Green: S Brock (s ), M Turner, D Girven. 5 + 12

How often have you been in the position where a person's face is familiar but you can't think of their name?
Does that happen at our club?
Do you have trouble remembering the names of all our newer players?
Imagine how much harder it must be for the new bowlers to try and recall the names of everyone else.

As I was coming to roll-up on Thursday one of our bowlers asked me why we don't all wear name-tags. I didn't have an answer. Should it be something we need to think about? If you feel it is please say something to one of our committee members and ask them to consider the matter. If you do nothing then nothing happens.

Bryan and Peter Margaret, Nancy, Ivy Cheryl and Marie

A little girl asked her mother, “How did the human race appear?”
The mother answered, “God made Adam & Eve and they had children and so was all mankind made.”
Two days later the little girl asked her father the same question.
The father answered, “Many years ago there were monkeys from which the human race evolved.”
The confused little girl returned to her mother and said, “Mum, how is it possible that you told me the human race was created by God, and Dad said they developed from monkeys?”
The mother answered, “Well dear, it is very simple. I told you about my side of the family, and your father told you about his.”



  • Face the number of the rink nearest to you to establish the rink centre line

  • Take the mat in both hands and walking backwards up the green place the front edge between the 2m mark and the front distance peg.

  • The mat may be straightened at any time.

Hold the jack on the 3 main fingers with the thumb directly opposite the middle finger and wrist locked
Establish where the jack is to finish
Place the anchor foot slightly off centre on the mat facing directly up the rink centre line
Roll (not throw) the jack using the same action as for a bowl

This is how you centre a jack when it passes beyond the 2m mark


Do I have to stand with both feet on the mat before I deliver a bowl?


Law 20  
Position on the mat   

Before delivery a player should be standing on the mat with one foot fully on the mat. At the moment they deliver the jack or a bowl, the player should have all or part of one foot on or above the mat.




Visitors are always made welcome

Gary, Ivan, Dave and Richard Raewyn, Warren and Michael



Don't worry if your bowls go wrong

and your wins are very few

Just remember that the mighty oak

was once a nut, like you


This is the last week to join the squad

John will be down at the club each morning 9.30 - 10.30
to see or help anyone with the "skills test".
Everyone is needed for one hour on Monday morning 17th September

       You only have to see John once - the rest you do on your own.


This event parallels the men’s Gardner Shield. Commences on 15th October
Other dates are 29/10, 12/11, 19/11, 26/11, 3/12. 10/12
Please nominate the position(s) you wish to play in. You can phone Colleen, send an email or fill in the form down at the club house.

Practice will be this Tuesday at 9.30 am (anyone can come)

Exciting News

Tui Twilight 2 Bowl Triples Every Wednesday 5.30pm 8 Weeks October 17th to December 12th.

  • 50% of teams will win Cash Prizes.
  • Teams graded on results after 5 rounds ensuring every division (4 teams) in post section comprises teams of similar experience/ability/skills.
  • Prize Money spread on a more equal basis.

                                            Winner      Runner Up

Division 1                                $375       $150
Division 2                                $270       $120
All other Divisions
(5 if 28 teams enter)                $210        $90

Plus! Plus!

  • Lucky team each night $60
  • Final night prize giving and eats.

Our aim is to:

  • Have a field of 28 teams (=7 post section divisions)
  • To have a competition where teams of all abilities can have an opportunity to get a share of prizes available.
  • To get fantastic support from our members.
  • To all enjoy fellowship and competition at Bowls Taradale on fabulous twilight evenings. 

So enter your team on the sheet in the Club Rooms. OR if you are available to be placed in a team signify this on the sheet or ring Lucky (845 0215) to be placed in a team.

Details on the competition are on our Notice Board now!

A visit to the Waipukurau Bowling Club on 17th February

(from Peter Turnbull) 
Some of you will have read in the latest edition of the Bowls New Zealand magazine
upshot that they are setting up a nationwide database.
Once they have the required bowlers’ contact information BowlsNZ can then roll out features to clubs that will include:

  • quick and easy communications to club members

  • up to date member information – all info will then be stored in one place on-line which makes membership returns to Centres easier and less time consuming

  • direct access to BowlsNZ latest sponsors promotions for everyone on the database

  • fortnightly e-newsletters which will give you up to date information on what is happening in the bowling community, and
    members can login themselves and update their own information.

The information BowlsNZ requires includes members name, address, phone number and email address.  We, as a Club, will proceed and provide members’ information only if we get the support from our members.  If we do proceed with this database members can always at any time ‘block & delete’ the site if they no longer wish to continue receiving any further information from BowlsNZ. 

Please return-email to our newsletter editor: 

YES – I agree to let my information go to BowlsNZ

NO – I do not want my information go to BowlsNZ

Dave Roberts has sourced a brand of men's white polyester bowling trousers.
  • They have an elastic waist with drawstring, 2 side pockets and front zip.
  • They are for sale for $40 (incl. gst), which includes the Taradale Bowls name embroidered on front of trousers.
  • A unisex selection (no front zip), in black, navy and white are also available at the same price.

A pair of men's trousers can be seen in the bowling club office.
To order ring Dave Roberts ph 845 2065 with your waist measurement.

On Thursday 13 September we have our annual Spring Dance with the band No Wurz. The band is playing from 6pm – 8pm and there will be drinks and nibbles provided. If any of your members would like to come along please RSVP to Reception on 8359085 by Tuesday 11th September.

On a more intellectual note we have an Age Concern Seminar on Thursday 20th September at 1.30 and Sarah Potter will be talking about the International Day of the Older Person and what that means to us. I presume if you can play Monday to Friday bowls you might qualify!!
Again RSVP to reception on 8359085 by Tuesday 18th September.

The village is 8 years old now and this month we are having our main building refurbished on the outside. This will be a big job with scaffolding and netting 4 storeys high. Once this is finished the contractors will move on to the Rest home, Hospital and Special Care wings followed by the 2 storey independent apartment block. We will be sparkling by the time they have finished.
Thanks again
Janet Coutts, Sales Advisor, Princess Alexandra Retirement Village, NAPIER, PH 06 8359085 / 027 4525369

An older gentleman was on the operating table awaiting surgery and he insisted that his son, a renowned surgeon, perform the operation.

As he was about to get the anaesthesia, he asked to speak to his son.

"Yes, Dad, what is it?"

"Don't be nervous, son; do your best, and just remember, if it doesn't go well, if something happens to me, your mother is going to come and live with you and your wife...."

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