No 9   21/10/2012
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BNZ National Bowls Awards Winners 2011-2012
Young Player of the Year: Mandy Boyd
Congratulations, Mandy, from all your friends at Bowls Taradale
The First round in this season's Gardner Shield took place last Monday at Bowls Taradale. Our teams were so close to having two wins. One team won comfortably but the other team was drawn 15-15 after 18 ends. When that happens an extra end has to be played and our boys just went under.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 POINTS
 WAIRERE bye             0
 NAPIER W bye           2
 AHURIRI W   bye         2
 BLUFF HILL -     bye       0
 OMARUNUI WW       bye     4
 TARADALE W         bye   2
 BAY VIEW W           bye 2
 Date 15/10 29/10 5/11 12/11 19/11 26/11 3/12  
Against Ahuriri Omarunui Bay View Napier Bluff Hill   Wairere  
 Played at Taradale Bay View Omarunui Napier Wairere Bluff Hill Port Ahuriri  

  The cop put down his radar gun and the kid, who was stopped for speeding, rolled down his window.
  "I've been waiting for you all day," the cop said.
  The guy replied, "Yeah, well I got here as fast as I could."
  When the cop stopped laughing he sent the kid on his way without a ticket. 

  PS Yeah, right!


This competition also began last Monday with Taradale scoring a win and a loss against Heretaunga.
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 POINTS
 AHURIRI W             2
 HAVELOCK NORTH WW             4
 BAY VIEW WW             4
 HERETAUNGA W             2
 TARADALE W             2
 OMARUNUI -             0
 KIA TOA -             0
 NAPIER W             2
 Date 15/10 29/10 12/11 19/11 26/11 3/12 10/12  
 Played at Havelock North Napier Omarunui Heretaunga Bay View Kia Toa Taradale  
FRIDAY MINI TRIPLES -  19th October.
1st J Calnan(s), D Kaye, L Gillon. 2 - 10 + 23
2nd L Fitness(s), B Godber, B Mogford 2 - 9 + 17
3rd W Parker(s), C Wilson, C Ireland. 2 - 8 + 14

Best last game.
Pak 'n' Save Green:   J Daly(s), B Morton C Parnell 5 + 7
HBSB Green:   D Henderson(s), J Ward, R Palmer. 4 + 3
This event began last Wednesday night and will continue for the next seven weeks. If you have nothing special on of an evening why not come and watch. Play commences at 5.30 pm and concludes between 7 - 7.30 pm



A Sunday school teacher asked, "Johnny, do you think Noah did a lot of fishing when he was on the Ark?"

"No," replied Johnny. "How could he, with just two worms?"

Complete the follow through with the bowling arm following behind the bowl, down the intended line, finishing in a horizontal position.

Bad habits at bowl release and follow through
are a common cause of inconsistency in line and bowl speed. 

  • Keep hand aligned behind bowl throughout delivery

  • Allow arm to follow along the delivery line with palm to heaven and head still

  • Stay down during delivery with the body moving forward along the delivery line

  • Complete weight transfer and stand up slowly by bringing anchor foot up to the leading foot

  • Move off the mat forward along the intended delivery line

Last Saturday a bowl struck the jack which hit a stationary bowl then rebounded FORWARD instead of backward.

a. Do you know what constitutes a dead jack?

b. What is the minimum distance you can have between the moved jack and the front end of the mat?

Law 30        Dead jack
If the jack is moved by a bowl in play, it is a dead jack if it:

  • passes above the face of the bank;
  • passes completely outside a side boundary of the rink of play;
  • comes to rest in any hollow in the face of the bank; or
  • comes to rest at a distance of less than 20 metres, as measured in a straight line, from the centre of the mat line to the nearest point of the jack.





  Do not criticise bowls
 either from your own team or the other



Hawke’s Bay Teams to play Kapiti Coast on Monday 22nd October at Palmerston North.

Women’s Teams
Black Team
Singles: Natarsha Grimshaw
Pairs: Angela Boyd (S) Robyn Pritchard (L)
Fours: Sue Belcher (S) Lois Stewart (3)
Lisa Carlson (2) Chris Telford (L)

White Team
Singles: Wendy Jeffery
Pairs: Louise Bateman (S) Jo Hayes (L)
Fours: Asi To’omata (S) Raelene Cronin (3)
Alison Lott (2) Eva Kuru (L)

Selector: Jim Bentley
Men’s Teams
Black Team
Singles: Paul Harrison
Pairs: Graeme Fulford (S) Bruce Stewart (L)
Fours: Barry Wakely(S) Joe Johanson (3)
Malcolm Stockwell (2) Dean Drummond (L)

White Team
Singles: Ces Bell
Pairs: Dave Stevenson(S) Ken Robson (L)
Fours: Tony Brown (S) Mike Isaacson (3)
Jack Philip (2) Richard Hocking (L)

Selector/Coach: Graeme Wagg

Johnny Toa - last week's Gardner Shield

Bowls Taradale - Two Bowl Triples Tournament. 
  Hawke’s Bay Independent Brewery.
Date; Wednesday 19 December 2012.
Start time;  10.00am.
Entry Fee;  $18.00 per team. Mufti.
Entries on Notice Board.   

Other Tournament Notices received this week are as follows; 
(Note all tournament notices are displayed on our Notice Board). 

National Service Bowling Club has advised of three tournaments they are conducting. Details as follows: 

1.      Hetero Three Bowl Triples. Date. Thursday 8 November 2012. Start Time 10.00am. Entry Fee; $18.00 per team. Whites to be worn. 

2.      Elbow Room Three Bowl Triples. Date. Tuesday 27 November 2012.  Start Time;  10.00am.  Entry Fee; $18.00 per team.  Whites to be worn.  

3.      Hetero Christmas Ham Triples.  Date; Thursday 20 December 2012. Start Time; 10.00am. Entry Fee; $18.000 per team. Whites to be worn. 

Tauranga City Mixed 5000 Tournament. Date;  11th to the 14th of March 2013
Cost;    $100.00 per team. Entries Close; Monday 18 February 2013. See Notice Board for full details. 

REMINDER -40th Club’s New Zealand Men’s Fours. Date;   4th to the 8th February 2013.   Entry Fee;  $100.00 per team.  Host Club:  Tauranga Citizens Club Inc. Entries Close;  Wednesday 31 October 2012.    All games to be played within a forty minute drive of the Tauranga Citizens Club.



  A 75 year old lady rings her local hospital and this conversation follows:
  'Hello I'd like some information on a patient, Mrs Tiptree.
  She was admitted last week with chest pains and I just want to know if her condition has deteriorated, stabilised or improved?'

  'Do you know which ward she is in?'

  'Yes, ward P, room 2B'

'I'll just put you through to the nurse station.'

'Hello, ward P, how can I help?'

'I would just like some information on a patient, Mrs Tiptree, I was wondering if her condition had deteriorated, stabilised or improved?'

'I'll just check her notes……

I'm pleased to say that Mrs Tiptree's conditioned has improved. She has regained her appetite, her temperature has steadied and after some routine checks tonight, she should be well enough to go home tomorrow.'

'Oh that's wonderful news, I'm so happy, thank you ever so much!'

'You seem very relieved, are you a close friend or relative?'

' No, I'm Mrs Tiptree in room 2b.

Nobody tells you anything in here! ’