Newsletter 04 -  15 September 2008

B-Green Progress
The old mat was removed on Wednesday 3rd September (see picture gallery - last newsletter) and the Green handed over to the Tiger Turf contractors on the 8th. The sand has now been removed from the Green and levelling of the surface began. The drains will be tested on Sunday and if all goes well the stone crusher dust will be laid early next week. We are asking all the Bowlers to keep their fingers, arms and legs crossed for fine weather to keep the project on schedule. We will give a further up-date next week.
Dave J

Spare mats - there is a stock of small mats each approx 1m x 1m on a pallet near the double gates that lead from the car park into our bowling green. If anyone wants them they are $2 each. Give the money to Dave Jenkins. Thanks

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50 Years

Bowls Taradale congratulates Phyllis and Colin on their 50th Wedding Anniversary

50 Years

Bryan, Eddie, Mike Brenda (Can I please have the winning ticket, Fay?) Opening Day
Max, Marie, Maureen, Adrienne, Lex Bob, Bernie (I can't quite remember the name of that man beside me) Dave (he told us this story last week), Terry (telling another yarn), Denis (I'll pretend I haven't heard it)

Coaching Lessons  -  (Tuesday Mornings in September)
If anyone wants John M. to coach them next Tuesday (tomorrow) please phone on 8444126 - no phone call / no coaching. Coaching will continue till the end of the month (10.00 am - 11.00 am) 

Tuesday mornings will not suit everyone and I am sure not everyone wants to be coached by me so it is important we have variety. If any others want to coach just let me know what day and what time suits you and I will publish it in the next newsletter.


How To Hold a Bowl
The bowl is held comfortably in the hand with the middle finger directly along the running surface, with the first and third fingers placed along the rings on the bowl. The position of the thumb is no higher than the top rings and the little finger is allowed to rest lightly on the side of the bowl in a comfortable position.

To achieve this:

  • Take the bowl in the non-bowling hand, place the bowling hand on top of the bowl ensuring the middle finger is positioned along the centre of the running surface of the bowl. Place the index and third finger on top of the outer rings. Now allow the thumb to position itself on the outer rings opposite the index finger, with the little finger resting comfortably on the side of the bowl with no pressure.
  • Turn the hand over in the delivery position outside the line of the body, ensure the hand, elbow and shoulder are in line.- check for correct bias.
  • The thumb and the little finger should only be used to support the bowl in the hand.


If your Skip wants an opinion, he'll give it to you.

A new convert to bowls who confesses he knows nothing about the game and then becomes angry when you agree with him.

The Law

Who Owns The Mat?
I was playing a game once when the opposing skip said to me, “Watch so-and-so, he’s delivering his bowl before the other person’s bowl has stopped.”  When does possession of the rink transfer to the other team? 

Law 35        Possession of the Mat
Possession of the rink will belong to the player or team whose bowl is being played. As soon as each bowl comes to rest, possession of the rink will transfer to the opposing player or team after allowing time for marking a toucher as soon as it comes to rest.

One player practising sportsmanship is far better than fifty preaching it.

Behind The Mat
Hand your opponent’s bowl to him/her or place it next to the mat. Stand at least 1 metre behind the mat. The bowls should be to the rear and side of the mat. If the bowls are directly behind the mat they can be a danger to those players who step back after delivering a bowl. There should not be too much talking behind the mat – it can disrupt the player’s concentration.

27 Sat Junior 5 X 5 Mixed
28 Sun Junior 5 X 5 Mixed

Bowls NZ Awards (from Bowls NZ site)
Kia Kaha Bowler of the Year: Val Smith (United Bowling Club).
Regency Duty Free Young Player of the Year: Mark Watt (North East Valley).
Coach of the Year: Dave Edwards (Bowls NZ, Black Jacks).
Green-keeper of the Year: Ken Prebble (Burnside Bowling Club).
Tower Club of the Year: Burnside Bowling Club.
Centre of the Year: Canterbury.
Administrator of the Year: Ken Wilson-Pyne (Bowls Events, World Bowls Championships).
Official of the Year: Raymond Hunt (Darfield Bowling Club).
National Media Award: Kevin Tutty (The Press, Christchurch). 

Clubs Must Accept New Trends
..... Clark called for bowlers throughout the country to accept that modern methods are needed to attract the growing number of players into the “social” side of the sport and halt the loss of traditional membership felt by many clubs throughout New Zealand.

..... With the stereotype of bowls rapidly changing, Bowls New Zealand is adopting exciting new innovations to embrace modern-day trends in life and on the sporting front, to ensure bowls will continue to be a major sport in this country, according to Bowls New Zealand CEO, Kerry Clark.

Bowls Hawkes Bay

Centre Handbook
The handbook for the summer season is to be distributed to clubs on Opening Day

Youth Bowls
The regional finals for this event will be held at
Bowls Taradale on Saturday 20th September with players from Hawkes Bay. Gisborne East Coast and Manawatu taking part.

HAWKE'S BAY Under 5 WOMEN'S TEAM - Winners of the Academy Women's Intercentre Hexagonal between Kapiti Coast, Wellington, Manawatu, Wairarapa and Hawke's Bay Centres at Wanganui 6/7 September 2008.  In windy and very cold conditions on the artificial turf at Wanganui Bowling Club, the Hawke's Bay Academy team had a clean sweep of all their matches on Saturday and were superior to most others on Sunday.  Manager/Selector Peg O'Dowd was delighted with the teamwork and determination shown by the players - especially as a number are only in their second year of bowling. A wonderful start to this season's representative programme. Well done Mandy, Barbara and Sheryl

Don't forget to look at these sites on a regular basis. There are links at the top of this page

Fri Oct 3 Open Over 60's Hetero Triples @ 10.00 am
Sat Oct 18 Men's Championship Fours @ 8.30 am
    Women's Championship Singles @ 8.30 am


Looking to make up a team?
Often there are bowlers who want to play in the Club Championships but who are not yet placed in a team. If you are such a person please remember there is a sheet on the notice board in the Administration Building where you can add your name.

Congratulations to:
Havelock North - on the opening of their two new artificial "Dales" greens
Waipawa - on the opening of their new artificial green

Taradale Club Summer Membership Drive
Our Mother Club is making a drive to help boost club membership, some of whom will be future bowlers. The following is taken from the Taradale Club website.

We shall offer a summer joining fee of $10 per person. This will cover our administration costs, thus ensuring we can attract enough people to the club and then introduce them to our outstanding facilities and hopefully turn them into valuable members who can then boost our adjunct numbers and enjoy our bar, restaurant and gaming options. Our target market is the young families to ensure this club can continue growing into the future.  
To read a fuller description click here

We have been hit again
At the bottom of this page is a hit counter which records every time someone looks at our site. Usually we get 150-200 hits a week but this past week was a record with 397 hits.

No Roll-up next Saturday
Because the regional finals for Youth Bowls is being played on our green.