Dear Santa,

I don't want much for Christmas,

 I just want my friends to be happy.

Friends are the fruit cake of life
some nutty, some soaked in alcohol,
some sweet but mix them together
and they're my friends.

Thanks for being my friend. 

Colleen told me to send this to all my fruit cakes


With only a few hours until Christmas Colleen and I hope you have a pleasant Christmas Day. For some it will be busy, busy, busy ... while others will have a more sedate day planned. Enjoy the time you have with family and friends and thank you for all the times you have spent helping our club become what it is known for - an inviting place, a home away from home, a club filled with people eager to help each other.

The following four links might appeal to some of you.
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  • The link above is that of a mall "flash mob" singing carols

  • The one on the left below is Bony M singing Mary's Boy Child

  • The right hand link below is Dennis Marsh singing Christmas in New Zealand.

Mary's Boy Child Christmas in New Zealand - sung by Dennis Marsh

if you have any small kids in the house
they might like to sing along with this tune
"I want a hippopotamus for Christmas"


Boyd Duo in Search of Title
(from Bowls NZ website)
On December 28 international and club bowlers from across the country will gather to compete in bowls prestigious Hyundai National Open Championships. The sister duo of Mandy and Angela Boyd will be among the hot favourites as they return in search of the titles which they were narrowly denied at last year’s championships. The sisters placed second in the pairs and fours last year with Mandy also claiming the women’s consistency award after a narrow loss in the singles to place second again.
“I want to better on my performance from last year” says Mandy, “I want to get a title this year!”
Chasing her sister’s footsteps since starting bowls Mandy has certainly lived up to the name. Both sisters have National Secondary School titles and want to add a National title to the trophy cabinet. The duo is quietly confident, trusting that their knowledge of each other’s game will give them the added advantage over other teams.
“We know each other’s game pretty well” said Angela, “we have the same game plan and trust each other to do it.”
Thanks to the support and experience of older sister Angela, Mandy has achieved a lot in her youthful 21 years. With her commanding performances on the green at least years Hyundai National Open, Mandy was selected as part of the national Black Jacks team which this year competed at the World Bowls Championships in Adelaide.
“Her last year was amazing, I’m so proud of her!” says Angela “also having achieved some success together is really special”
The girls will be hoping for this success to continue as they approach the Hyundai National Open Championships only one short week away. The Hyundai National Open Championships will be held from 28 December 2012 – 9 January 2013 and will feature club, regional and national level players.
Progressive Triples- Sponsored by HB Independent Brewery,held on Wednesday 19th December.
Pac ‘n’ Save Green.
Best Lead    B Godber 3 - 20 + 20
Best 2nd      B Exeter 3 - 20 + 24
Best Skip     B Ferrick 3 - 22 + 24
HBSB Green
Best Lead    A Buckley 3. 5 - 21 + 24
Best 2nd      D Girven 3.5 - 21 + 10
Best Skip     S Brock 4 - 26 + 29
Hyundai National Open Bowls Championships
(by Colleen Ferrick)
The ‘Nationals’, formerly known as the ‘Dominion Tournament’ will be held in Taranaki (headquarters Paritutu B C) from the 28th December to 9th January 2013. In its ‘heyday’ (arguably 1950 – 1995), the tournament boasted huge entries – regularly more than 1000 entries in both men’s and women’s Singles events and a corresponding number of entries in both the Pairs and Fours. As can be imagined, this gargantuan fixture was a massive challenge for organisers, umpires, green keepers (no artificial greens in those days!) and all other administrators. The men’s event, which began in 1914, has always been held after Christmas each year, mostly in the four main centres. Only ‘Club’ sides were allowed originally (i.e. no composite teams) and the glory that was obtained by winning made it the premier event of the bowling calendar. The NZ Women’s Bowling Association started in 1930, and once sufficient numbers played the game, the women’s ‘Dominion’ tournament (Fours only), began in February 1951. As the game became more popular both Pairs and Singles were quickly added to the programme. The women’s tournament had always been held at various venues throughout NZ every February until 1996, when the NZ Men’s and Women’s Bowling Associations combined and it was then decided to hold both events at the same time and venue. Sadly, due to a number of factors the number of entries has declined, typically with this year’s entries totalling less than 250 for the men’s Singles, and less than 150 for the women’s event.

Taradale members entered in the Singles are; Jack Halka (with Ted Lucas, Dannevirke in the Pairs), promising juniors with heaps of potential Dave Henderson and Richard Hocking (who are combining in the Pairs) – and the well performed Barbara Exeter and Sheryl Glock (also playing in Pairs).
Among this year’s favoured contenders is Taradale’s Angela Boyd, a double Under 25 NZ representative, former NZ Secondary Schools Champion - and winner of the 2011 National Fours Championship with her sister ‘Black Jack’ Mandy Boyd (now Johnsonville Club), Sue Burnand and Leanne Curry –both Frankton Railway, Waikato. S.L.A.M. is the motif on their team shirts – this is derived from
Sue, Leanne, Angela and Mandy.   So SLAM it to them, guys! Angela and Mandy will be endeavouring to improve on their runner-up position in the Pairs last year, and Mandy, will also be aspiring to better her identical situation in the Singles. Last year’s results show a remarkable effort by these young women, both of whom have a huge future in the sport. To the best of my knowledge, Mandy is the only female current member of the National team to compete in this National Tournament, and perhaps an even more disappointing fact is that the up-and-coming duo of Louise Bateman and Jo Hayes, Bay View, are the only other participating players from Hawke’s Bay.

We at Bowls Taradale convey our very best wishes, and are especially hopeful of lots of ‘Good Luck ’to our fellow members playing in this prestigious and exciting contest.

Check out the continually up-dated results at http://www.bowlsnz.co.nz/events/hyundai-national-open-championships/results/


Vodka and Ice will ruin your kidneys.
Rum and Ice will ruin your liver.
Whiskey and Ice will ruin your heart.
Gin and Ice will ruin your brain.
Pepsi and Ice will ruin your teeth.

There you have it!
ICE is flipping lethal.

Warn all your friends immediately.
Lay off the Ice!
Just drink it straight!.
You could save a life!.

Don't forget what Ice did to the Titanic!!!